Letter to My Daughter – Happy 4th Birthday!

by Cate on February 14, 2012

Letter to My Daughter
Dear Madeline,

This past week, we celebrated your fourth birthday.  I asked you this morning if you felt older, and you looked at me, gave me a big smile, and said that you feel like a grown-up, like me.

“You ARE almost a grown-up.  You’re getting so big!  But you’ll always be my baby, right?”

You nodded emphatically.

It has been so much fun watching you grow more and more into your personality this year.  You are brazen, speak your mind, and are a true joy to be around.  You are always happy, and when I say you can’t do something or tell you no, Mystic is right, you just shrug it off and continue about your way.

I told you this morning that you amaze me because you’re scared of nothing.

“Well,” you said after thinking for a moment, “I am scared of one thing.”

What’s that?


We decided that everyone is scared of monsters and that was a-ok.

Just like your brother did when he was your age, you love to help me in the kitchen.  When I ask you do to a chore or put something away, you always respond with “sure,” and go off and do it right away.  I love that.  And will take it for however long it lasts.  Even if it’s just until tomorrow.

You love watching Olivia and any show that has singing or dancing.  You’ve been watching American Idol with your brother and I lately, and asked a million questions during the Grammys last night.

You still suck your fourth and fifth fingers when you’re sleepy, and always curl up with a stuffed animal.

You love granola bars, applesauce, pasta, yogurt, apple juice, cupcakes, and milk.  Man, do you love milk.

You still love animals of all kinds, but have a huge soft spot for dolphins, whales, and horses.  You have, on a regular basis, asked me if we could have any of those in the backyard.  Although the answer is no, I can’t wait for the Spring and warm weather, because some of our adventures will include those favorite animals.

It is has been such a joy to have you in our lives and to be your Mom.  If you are half the person you are now when you grow up, the world will be an amazing place, and lucky to have you in it.

I love you.  xoxo


PS – Will be back here tomorrow for our annual Valentine’s Day coverage.  I had originally intended to shift to a three-day posting schedule for Sweetnicks, and you see how well that’s going, right?  I’ve been writing here for seven years next month, and Sarah said me switching to a schedule that is about half what I used to do is like breaking up with a boyfriend and still living with him.  She’s right.  Although I’m not breaking up with you.  Swear.  Quite the contrary.  While I did need to cut back a little, I’m not sure what the new schedule should be.  What’s right for me.  For here.  So in the meantime, I’ll try and give you a heads up when the next post will be (tomorrow!), and hope you’ll stay along with me for the ride while I figure it out.  ;)

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Joanne February 14, 2012 at 7:24 am

Love that girl. This letter describes her perfectly. (Although you failed to mention how much she enjoys to insert the word “poop” into just about every sentence possible :P)

I agree with Sarah’s analogy…I say for a few weeks, post when you can/want and I bet you’ll see some kind of pattern emerge.


patsy February 14, 2012 at 9:00 am

What a sweet letter! She’ll love reading that when she is grown up.

I can’t post on a regular schedule… I seem to rebel against it! Do what feels good and post when you have the time and inspiration. Whatever works for you, and I’m sure everyone will still be here to read your posts. :)


Sarah February 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm

She looks so much older! At least 4 and a half — and it’s like it happened overnight. Wow. What a sweet letter too.


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