Craft Time: Kiwi Crate

by Cate on July 7, 2012

Kiwi Crate - What's in store
My kids and craft time are a no-brainer.  The easiest way to get a bit of peace to clean the house?  Sit them down at the table with a craft or art supplies.

‘Tis a much better alternative than a tv babysitter.

And besides, new art courtesy of the kids is usually my favorite thing.

Like ever.

Kiwi Crate - scissors

So when I was asked to review Kiwi Crate, it was seriously a no-brainer.

A fun box delivered to your front door.  Every month.  Designed for kids.  A stuffed full of creativity.

I mean, really, what more do we need?

When our box arrived, it was perfect timing.

Because my office at home needed some serious shoveling.

I set the kids up in the reading room and let them go to town.

Kiwi Crate - introduction

Kiwi Crate - contents

The crates are actually designed by parents, with the help of an advisory board that features experts in art, education, science, and more.  Each crate has a different theme; the one we received focused on gardening.

Kiwi Crate - digging in

Kiwi Crate - planning

While the crates are geared towards kids in the 3-7 age range, I think, with a little creativity, you could easily find a 10 year old enjoying it.  In our gardening kit, one side had small pots and items to decorate the pots (modeling clay, pipe cleaners, cardboard stencil, colored pencils).  The other side had a window garden growing kit, complete with clear planters, seeds, plant markers, and more.  Perfect for your in-house pint-sized green thumb.

The contents are pretty generously supplied.  On the create-your-own-pot side, there were four small pots, enough for Nick and Madeline to totally go to town.  Although each kit is for one child, the contents are plentiful enough to share (and you can pay for additional materials for extra siblings as needed as well).

Kiwi Crate - Nick's pot

For a child close to Nick’s age, you can open up the box and let them at it, without further guidance from you.  Madeline needed a little bit of instruction in the beginning, and a little more help when she got frustrated, but the craft activities are simple enough to flourish from their imagination, as opposed to pages and pages of direction.

Which is, quite frankly, my favorite type of activity.  When it comes to crafting and art, I want the kids to be able to see the grand idea, but figure out how to best get there themselves, you know?  Half the fun is in the individual interpretation.

Kiwi Crate - Madeline's pots

And with this activity?  It kept them busy enough that I managed to get the entire floor area of my office, and one half of the desk cleared up.

And that, my friends, is a success all around.

Want a Kiwi Crate for your very own?  Use promotion code CLEVER25 upon check-out and get 25% off your first shipment.

For my fellow Pinterest fans, be sure to follow Kiwi Crate right here.  They have tons of awesome ideas for crafts, activities, recipes, and more.

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This post is sponsored byKiwi Crate. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Patrizia July 7, 2012 at 11:29 pm

This is right up our alley!


Ramona July 9, 2012 at 9:27 am

I hope their plants sprout


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