In Which I Witness a Relationship Flourishing

by Cate on July 19, 2013

she loves him

Over the past year or so, I’ve been witness to Nick and Madeline’s sibling relationship blossom. They interact more together. They stick up for each other. They develop their own inside jokes.

And, honestly? It’s been pretty awesome to watch. Every time I see a little glimpse of it, I smile to myself.

Over the course of the summer, until this past week, they have been going to the same camp, but in different groups/classes (obviously, because of their ages). Madeline’s has been half day, and Nick’s full day. When I pick up Madeline at lunch time, she’ll excitedly tell me that she spotted Nick during the day. Or that he waved to her. And when we went back later to pick him up, he’d ask her where she was if he didn’t see her during the day.


And I’m all like “guys, you LIVE together. You just saw each other this morning!”

But Mom, it’s fun to see each other!

Which I think is the funniest thing.


This past week, they were separated, while Nick went to the Junior Police Academy (a story for another day), and Madeline went to our town’s camp. And every day, when we picked Nick up, she would ask him about his day. And commiserate when he told her some of the hard details.

Yesterday, when the temperatures stayed over 100 degrees the entire day, a day that Nick and his troop were due to be outside, she asked if we could get him a frozen Coke on the way to pick him up.

After dinner, a few hours at the lake, and showers, she reminded him to meet her in her bedroom before going to bed.

“Mom, it’s just brother/sister stuff. I want to talk to him about his day. Ask him how it was,” as she headed upstairs with a grin on her face.

For nearly an hour, their happy voices and laughs drifted downstairs before they finally called it a night.

my life

Now obviously they don’t always get along so swimmingly. Sometimes they are bickering. Egging each other on. Getting too much in each other’s space. Pushing each others’ buttons. And sometimes they have to be separated just to create peace. They are normal kids, after all.

BCB - Kids Outside

But this isn’t about that. This is about fully appreciating being able to witness a sibling relationship flourish.

Sibling Secrets

Madeline, being a girl and all, is very keen on being affectionate. Something she’s had to rein in a bit in public because while Nick loves her, he doesn’t so much want her hugging and kissing him so much. Today, at his Police Academy graduation, she was standing on her seat, scanning the kids until she saw his face. She gave him a little wave, trying to play it cool, and he gave her a corner smile. Which was perfect for both of them and their boundaries. Until after the ceremony, as he walked toward us and she barreled into him, giving him the biggest hug she could.

And with that, we’re done for the week. Next week, a recipe for S’mores Pizza, a restaurant review, a check in on our Summer Bucket List … and well, we’ll see what else.

Happy weekending!

xoxo Cate

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Casey July 20, 2013 at 12:31 am

I’ve seen the same with my kids. You just don’t think it will happen when they’re crazy toddlers. And then they surprise you! Good work, mama.


Joanne July 20, 2013 at 5:19 am

They are so adorable! Such great kids. :)
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