Santa Visit {2013}

by Cate on December 11, 2013

My creation
I had a slight moment of panic when I couldn’t find the Santa picture from our visit last week.

All better now.

Last weekend, the weather wasn’t too terribly cold and pretty much begged us to be outside, taking full advantage of it. And so the kids and I (and Merry too) head off for a walk. I didn’t have any preconceived notions as to our destination, but we made our way towards the center of town. And then we ended up at Santa’s house.  Our favorite Santa and the one we visit annually. The kids were excited, figuring I had planned it that way all along, but really it just kind of happened.

And that’s when I held my breath in the hopes that he was actually THERE, because this was definitely the earliest in the season that we’ve ever gone to see him.

And as we rounded the corner from the brightly Santa’s Workshop window, we peeked into the door and saw him. No line, no wait, and our favorite Santa. It was pretty much perfect.

The kids each had their turn, only asking for a few items, and answering Santa’s questions along the way. He asked if they had been behaving and helping me around the house and, most importantly, what kind of cookies they were going to leave him. They posed for the picture, and left with candy canes and huge smiles.

Later that week, after Madeline lost a tooth, they launched into a big discussion about whether the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny were real. Nick has decided that the Easter Bunny is not real, though no word on who he thinks is actually leaving the baskets. I’m good with that.

Although there have been some discussions recently on whether I think the Tooth Fairy is fairy size or normal size, they still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

And they unequivocally believe in Santa. I was surprised to hear that Nick had no wavering doubt, because there have been quite a few moments over the years where I have been strongly questioned and other people have slipped. But his continued belief is all because of Norad. “I mean, Mom, how can they track Santa so carefully like that if he doesn’t exist??”

How indeed.

He went on to say that some people in his class don’t believe, but he doesn’t care. Madeline summed it up without missing a beat.

“I believe in anyone that gives me presents.”

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Joanne December 12, 2013 at 7:52 am

Ha! I love Maddy’s comment. That is the best.
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