Recipe: The Best Ever Five Minute Grilled Salmon

by Cate on May 16, 2014


We are knee deep in the thick of busy-weeknights season.

Otherwise known as: Soccer and Track.

Between practices and games, along with Girl Scout meetings, the normal homework/shower/bedtime routine, and, you know, life thrown in for good measure, we NEED QUICK DINNERS.

Like the kind that take zero thought and minimal ingredients.

Those are kind of the best, aren’t they?

How about TWO ingredients and TEN minutes?

Got your attention?


This is that.

Salmon and I have had a rather fickle relationship since forever. Growing up, I would only eat salmon one way. In a creamy rice dish that my mom used to make. It was the best. Over the years, particularly as I started cooking for myself, I started adding it in here and there (in pizzas and salads and  salads and burgers and dip, for example), finding it more and more delicious with each turn.

But I have never cooked a whole piece of salmon.

Nor have I ever eaten in that way.

Until two weeks ago when I signed up for a five day challenge with one of my Zumba teachers.

Menus were given for five days worth of meals, and I was going to eat all the things, even if I had never eaten it before.

You know, putting on my big girl pants.

One member was whining that she didn’t like any vegetables. Or hummus (did you know yesterday was National Hummus Day? How did we miss that?? Make this, quick!). And she didn’t like deli turkey.

And I’m thinking to myself, “How are you a grown-up?”

But salmon.


I’m not even going to write this in a recipe format. It’s that stupid simple. Take a six oz piece of salmon (one serving) and marinate it in teriyaki or low-sodium soy sauce. Ideally for many hours, but I did it for about ten minutes and it was divine just the same. Grill the salmon for five minutes each side (I used this stove top grill that I still looooove). Eat.

Now, two quick disclaimers. One. If you’re trying to eat super healthy and clean, you should eat the salmon without the skin. Just sayin’. And two. My kids have yet to hop on the salmon train, and given my own late adopter status with it, I don’t push it. So I do the exact same recipe with chicken, and everyone is happy.

This recipe is perfect for a harried weeknight. To kick off grilling season. Or if you’re eating clean like we are.

The reason you make it doesn’t matter, just do it.

*Perfect served along side roasted asparagus!

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Joanne May 18, 2014 at 6:29 am

So simple! I’m so glad you’ve come around to salmon. It’s really the only fish I still eat…I just love it!
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Beth @ The First Year May 19, 2014 at 10:24 am

Yum, I love salmon, so it’s great knowing your secret recipe!


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