Visit: Six Flags Safari {Jackson, NJ}

by Cate on July 20, 2020

Looking for a fun and safe activity that is family-friendly? Let’s visit the Six Flags Safari in Jackson, New Jersey!

Six Flags Safari

If you’re a regular visitor, you know how much we love to visit places with animals, so after being on lockdown for several months, when I heard the safari at Six Flags was reopening, I was all in. The first time we went was in 2011, and we loved it. You drive through in your own car and the animals meander about relatively freely. In 2012, we heard they were closing to reinvent how they do it, so went again. That was when they changed it and you could still visit the safari, but you ride in their trucks instead. This year, it’s back to your own car, which I love.

Six Flags Safari

For the most part, you can go at your own pace, except when there is a bottleneck because there are giraffes in the middle of the road! They have several staffers throughout the path to move cars along, which is a bummer because you KNOW I’d stay there forever (this was our 2012 visit including a quick video when the giraffe licked our radio antennae, so fun!).

Six Flags Safari

Six Flags Safari

Six Flags Safari

It’s $19.99/person, and completely contactless, so you can feel safe about doing this. You buy your tickets online and they scan your tickets through your window upon arrival, and then you just follow the sea of cars going through the safari. We went on a weekend and it took about two hours to go through the whole thing; I’d imagine if might be a little less busy during the week.

So many cute animals, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the elephant, the giraffes, and watching the bears take baths are always highlights. The safari is spread over 350 acres, and has 1,200 animals and thousands of cars go through it daily. The theme park has also reopened recently, but I’ll be honest, that’s way beyond my comfort level right now.


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