Finally Friday

by Cate on March 4, 2005

Ended up doing a clean-out-the-fridge dinner last night. Not every exciting, I know, but sometimes, it just has to be done. If I don’t, then the leftovers keep getting pushed to the back of the fridge, and not found again until they resemble some high school biology experiment gone bad.

After dinner, my son and I made White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies. They cut very neatly, which is great because bar cookies/brownies that don’t cut neatly are a major pet peeve of mine. Had one this morning, for taste-testing purposes, of course. They’re good, but not a “WOW” for me.

Got two new cookbooks yesterday: Flavor by Rocco DiSpirito and Desserts That Have Killed Better Men by Jeremy Jackson. Flipped through both of them quickly, and they look like they have promise. Not a big fan of Rocco’s personality, but really like the layout of this cookbook. It even has a seasonal chart in the back of what fruits and vegetables are in season when, which is perfect for me, since I can never remember.

Last Minute Addition … And to think I almost forgot the exciting news of the day … Martha’s release from her 5-month stint in jail. At 12:30 am, she finally walked out of “Camp Cupcake” and is now ensconced in 5 months of house arrest at her estate in Bedford, NY. Although she did something wrong, she seems to have gotten a raw deal, and I, for one, am glad she’s out. The next chapter of her life should be very interesting, and I’m looking forward to the new Apprentice, featuring Martha. Had I found out before the day of the NY auditions, I definitely would have liked the opportunity to try my luck at being on the show.

“It feels great,” she said when asked about her first day home. Home, what a wonderful word that is.

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