Spring is Here and…

by Cate on April 7, 2005

… the living is easy. We live in a lake community and as I rounded the bend to our street after work today, I saw the first rowboats on the lake … Spring is definitely here.

Weather is warm enough to open the windows in the car and blast the radio. You know, like you did when you were 17 and your biggest decisions were which movie to see on the weekend? Blasting today was I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw. I LOVE that song, and am really liking his new song, Chariot.

Anyways, on with the food-talk … had our first outdoor meal tonight and fired up the grill. Just a simple meal of grilled chicken with roasted asparagus, but quite enjoyable. It’s the perfect temperature of cool, but not being so cool you need a sweater and warm, but not warm enough that you are sweating. You know … perfect.

In this Sunday’s issue of PARADE Magazine, Sheila Lukins of Silver Palate fame lists the 10 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without. They are:

1. Food Processor
2. Electric Juicer
3. Pepper Grinder
4. Mini-chopper
5. Food Scale
6. Measuring Cups (geesh, who doesn’t have these?)
7. Microplane rasp
8. Measuring spoons
9. Instant-read meat thermometer
10. Mixing Bowls

I got ’em all covered — how about you? Holla back. :)

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Sue April 7, 2005 at 2:37 am

I rarely use the food processor. I prefer the hand juicer – more work for the forearms! I don’t have a mini chopper for the same reason that I don’t use the food processor – I have a knife!

Food scale comes out about twice a year. I have a tiny tiny grater but not a microplane. I have an insty-read thermometer from cooking school, but I am a vegetarian so rarely use it for anything but seeing how hot my swimming pool is…

The thing I really can’t live without is silicon spatulas. Love those things. A big and tiny cutting board. A super heavy small soup pot (Calphalon). And that rabbit-like wine opener.


Stephanie April 7, 2005 at 5:55 am

I still don’t have a juicer, and I’ll never own enough mixing bowls.

When I want that crusing-in-the-car, it’s-a-summer-day feeling, I like to pop in the greatest hits albums of the Cars, Steve Miller Band and Boston. Ok, anything by the cars…Candy-O!


linda April 7, 2005 at 3:24 pm

Well, I don’t have a juicer or a minichopper.. But everything else on that list is an essential in my kitchen.

I can’t get over how gorgeous it looks there. Makes me long for summer…


Cate April 7, 2005 at 3:58 pm

Linda – we really love this area — now you can see one of the reasons why!

Stephanie – I agree. I NEVER have enough mixing bowls either. That and cookie sheets. I got some great ones from Crate & Barrel over the summer that I love, love, love.

SueBob – thanks for stopping by! I actually only got a juicer and scale within the last couple months and have only used them a few times, but they do really come in handy.


McAuliflower April 8, 2005 at 12:01 am

I too find it odd that they included measuring cups and spoons (duh!)… well heck: my vote is for a good chef’s knife! I lived with crappy ones for a couple years and had no clue what I was missing (well, almost finger tips a couple of times). I don’t use my juicer attachment, and I’ve oddly excaped owning a rasp. My cheese grater has a rough one for nutmeg, but my citrus could use some good raspy action now and them. I love my electronic probe thermometer… but its only really useful for meat cooking.
I also vote for the addition of a cast iron skillet…


Cate April 8, 2005 at 3:41 am

I’ve never heard of this magical whiskey cake recipe of which you speak. Do share!


Kiwismommy April 12, 2005 at 12:04 am

Well, I have to agree on the measuring scale…3 ounces of chicken or tuna & it is so accurate. I use it about 4 times minimum each weak.

I also love my mini food chopper….great for left over chicken to make a chicken salad….as well as mincing garlic, onions etc. for various recipes.

My two most used tools though are: a hand held mesh strainer which I use to drain tuna and salmon from the can, as well as the bottom of cereal boxes of all of the crumbs and my #1 most fav is the tool that bakers use to slide dough from the board and cut it into pieces – although – not being a baker AT ALL I use is to scoop up all of my chopped up vegetable for stir fries and sautes……I can’t live without this one!


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