That’s Not Pasta!

by Cate on April 20, 2005

Went out to Bennigans for dinner tonight and while running through the choices from the Kid’s Menu for Nicholas, I mentioned Pasta with Red Sauce (spaghetti) or Pasta with Cheese (macaroni & cheese)… just trying to simplify things for a two-year-old. He decided on Pasta with Cheese. When it comes, he looks at me and says, “That’s not pasta!” “What it is then?” I ask him. “It’s Macaroni and Cheese!” he gleefully tells me. Although I already called him my Baby Einstein, obviously I have to start giving him more credit. Who knew?

David Lieberman just released his first book, Young and Hungry. Only 25 years old, when he was studying at Yale, he did catering jobs on the side, along with having his own cooking show. The New York Times did a story on him in 2003, and he has a Food Network show that just started (Good Deal with Dave Lieberman). His premise is definitely something I relish and own myself:

“Some of my favorite memories of all time come from sitting around a table with friends or family, savoring not only the good food but also the peacefulness that comes from slowing down and giving all the time in the world to enjoying the pleasures of good food and good company.”

How can you not get behind something like that? That is, after all, what it’s all about. Good food and good company. His recipes range from the quick and easy to the chic and sophisticated, although with a conscience eye on budget. Check him out when you can.

Tune in tomorrow for some Baking Escapades!

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