Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

by Cate on May 28, 2005

Finally, the end of a very long week, with a three-day weekend looming ahead. Although it seems like Tuesday is soooo far away, true to form, it’ll be here before you know it. Any big plans for the long weekend? Both dogs are getting groomed tomorrow, Nicholas and I are planning to hit some garage sales, and there’s an art show downtown as well. Throw in a possible stop at Sam’s Club, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and the day is done. Sunday, we’re heading down the shore for the day. And Monday? Absolutely NO plans … just what we need. It’s also our anniversary, so maybe we’ll do something special. We’ll see.

Went out to dinner tonight to a local buffet. The Husband LOVES buffets, mostly because I don’t usually cook the amount of food he consumes there. Nicholas discovered Chinese white rice, and requested his own chopsticks. I gotta say, he did a pretty admirable job of using them, and polished off a whole plate of white rice, along with one chunk of watermelon. He loves fruit. The other day, he downed a 64 oz. container of strawberries from Costco in one evening, all on his own.

My newest thing to work on in the kitchen? I’d like to get into canning things this summer, and making my own bread. I really want to keep Nicholas away from processed foods as much as I can, and I figure this will certainly help. I ordered a few canning books from Amazon the other day, and am going to make a trip to Wal-Mart this weekend to pick up some canning supplies. Do you have any great tried-and-true canning recipes you can share?

As far as the bread making, I’m hoping to convince someone to buy me a cheap one for my birthday in July. I’ve been holding out for awhile, but with the renovations we’re planning, I’ll have a great walk-in closet to store some of these small machines.

OK, all for tonight. See y’all tomorrow.

P.S. If you were interested in some of my red pieces, e-mail me at sweetnicksplace@aol.com and give me your e-mail address (Stephanie, I have yours). I’ll e-mail you the pictures of what I have. I think it’s easier than way. Thanks.

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