by Cate on October 15, 2005

Very exciting news for any of my Northeast USA readers … Sun is predicted for tomorrow. I cannot wait!

The boys are down the shore this weekend, and I plan to work on organizing my home office. It seems to be a never-ending job, always behind on filing, etc., but I am making progress, albeit a little slowly.

Made my usual Friday night run to the bookstore tonight. Cooking Light has released a special edition magazine, Everyday Favorites – The Best of Cooking Light magazine with “121 top-rated recipes,” so I have another magazine to add to my growing to-read pile. And speaking of Cooking Light, the official title of their new holiday cookbook that I mentioned yesterday is Cooking Light Holiday Cookbook – catchy, no? ;) It’s described as the “complete holiday guide: recipes, menus and entertaining ideas.” Definitely worth a peek if you happen to see it. Looked in two stores for Rachael Ray’s new magazine, which was due to be released today, but no luck yet.

No cooking tonight. Grabbed a Mocha Frappuccino and Grilled Asiago Pretzel while at the bookstore and am calling that dinner. Not especially hungry, and the weather this past week is certainly no motivator.

More overripe bananas are calling from the kitchen, so a new banana bread recipe is on the agenda for tomorrow, as well as cleaning out the refrigerator. I know, the excitement never ends! ;)

Weekend Dog Blogging #5 is upon us, so send your pics to my e-mail address. I’m going to take this opportunity to start playing with the new digital camera. Had a Dimage, which, for the life of us, we could not get to work, so returned it and went back to a Kodak and so far, I love it. Now to skim the manual.

Until tomorrow…

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Melissa October 16, 2005 at 10:34 am

I uploaded a photo of Max! Is there a code or something I need to include that bounces right to you? (sorry, I’m such a blonde when it comes to html sometimes!)


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