Arrival: Bermuda

by Cate on November 16, 2005

Woke up this morning to the great sight of land and small sailboats outside our stateroom window. We finally arrived in Bermuda at 8:30 am this morning. Had breakfast in our room, and then quickly got dressed to go check out the sights.

The Husband and I came to Bermuda about 9-10 years ago, but it was to different ports then, so this area was new to us. The ship is docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard (King’s Wharf) and there’s quite a bit of history, museums, stores and a few things to do within walking distance from the port, which is nice. We DEFINITELY got a lot of exercise today, forgoing the bus/ferry transportation that was available.

We visited the Bermuda Rum Cake Factory and got more than a few samples, and some goodies to take home. It’s amazing how small this very popular factory actually is. Got a picture of one of the guys making the cakes, with a huge warm smile … The Husband joked, “if only he knew he was going to end up on your website!” ;)

We also visited Bermuda Glassworks and watched them do a glassblowing demonstration. Nicholas was more than enthralled, and we bought a few gifts there. Also found, of course, a few local cookbooks, including one all on Bermuda Onions. There is a line of sauces made by Outerbridge, which is a key ingredient in one of the Bermudian cookbooks that I bought, so grabbed a few bottles of that as well.

Peeked into a few art galleries, because I am looking for some nautical maps and a few specific prints. There was a fantastic gallery that has huge beautiful photographs of the beaches, water, landscape, etc., and I’m trying to rationalize a purchase. I really want just the print, so I can take it home and frame it myself, but they only sell them all matted and framed, and that definitely brings it up more than a few notches visually; they really are stunning. I think I might go back tomorrow before we leave … ok to make a small splurge on vacation, right?

The Husband did some snorkeling this afternoon, and Nicholas and I took a much-needed nap. Poor Nicholas. He hasn’t grasped the concept that we can’t just “go home” and was crying last night because he “missed his dog and cats” and wanted Grandma to come pick him up. We called my Mom today so he could talk to her about Eli and give him kisses over the phone, and that made him feel a bit better.

Tonight we decided to eat our dinner meal in our room. I had a Crab Cake with Wasabi Sauce to start and a Stuffed Tortellini with Sundried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese. The Husband had a Duck Terrine to start and Citrus Salmon. Nicholas broke out of his mold and had Chicken Fingers. He also devoured a whole, adult-sized portion of salad. Ever since we got on the ship, he has had a voracious appetite for fruit. He’s usually pretty good about eating fruit at home, but it’s been non-stop here. No arguments from me.

With the availability of non-stop food, it’s definitely easy to gain weight on a cruise. The first time The Husband and I went on a cruise, he gained 8 lbs. But this time, luckily for us I suppose, we had a lousy travel agent who put us in a cabin that is at the complete other end of the ship from everything else. I wish I brought a pedometer, because we have been walking non-stop since Sunday.

Found out the ship sells a cookbook, so I bought a copy of that today. Of course, so far, none of the dishes I’ve had are IN the cookbook, but it still looks like a good one. I’m going to see if I can get the recipe for the Rustic Vidalia Onion Tart from the cook before I leave.

OK folks, all for now. Off to catch the show for tonight … so far, the shows have been Nicholas’ favorite part of the trip!

Until next time…

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kima November 16, 2005 at 12:53 am

Still buying cookbooks!!!LOL!

Love you for that!

Keep on having fun!


Mona November 16, 2005 at 4:52 am

Yay, I can read posts in my PJs and dream of the beach…Beach Boys songs are now popping into my head:) Have so much fuN!


Anonymous November 16, 2005 at 12:10 pm

You must be on a Royal Caribbean ship….I remember the Vidalia Onion Tart…Yummy! Never thought to ask for the recipe….would be so grateful if you would post if you get it!! Have fun!


Cate November 16, 2005 at 4:54 pm

Kima, but of course! Think I got 3 in total. Not too bad, right? ;)

Mona – Nicholas would be happy; he LOVES the Beach Boys, particularly “Barbara Ann,” which is on endless loop in our car. Will download our pictures and post over the weekend, so stayed tuned for that.

Anon – good guess! One of the desserts with lunch today was a Creme Caramel that is definitely, hands down, the best we’ve had. Going to ask for that recipe as well. I always ask for recipes – worst they can do is say no. Fingers crossed.


Bob November 16, 2005 at 8:44 pm

It’s been a while since I have been to Bermuda, but . . .

Portofino’s off of Front Street was excellent.

The Swizzle Inn is a must. Pitchers of rum swizzles. Yummy!


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