Friday Night Date Night (aka We’re Baaaack!)

by Cate on November 19, 2005

Our turn for Friday Night Date Night couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Nicholas was beyond excited to get together for dinner and playtime with The Girlfriend tonight, and The Husband and I got a little breather. Neither of us were especially hungry, and since I haven’t had a chance to hit the grocery store, we ended up at a local diner. I got a Patty Melt, which I haven’t had in ages. It was SO delicious. Problem is, I think both of us are still overly full from all the food on the cruise, and just the smallest bite to eat really puts us over the edge. I don’t think I plan to eat until dinner tomorrow. We also both have a major case of sea legs. Those who have cruised before know what I’m talking about. Even though we’re on terra firma, the ground still feels like it’s bobbing and swaying as if we’re on the ocean. In fact, The Husband opted out of the few errands I wanted to run because he was feeling a little lightheaded … hey, reality is tough!

The Neighbor took one guess as to my first stop for errands tonight and nailed it. Can you guess? The bookstore. She knows me too well. That was definitely my biggest itch in getting back home … I wanted to see what magazines I might have missed in the last week, and there were plenty. There’s a new Olive issue out, along with Fresh, the Australian Vogue Entertaining and Travel, delicious. and the premiere issue of Paula Deen’s new magazine. Just a little light reading. ;)

OK, going to wrap up the post for now to call it an early night. But before I do, I leave you with some pictures from our Bermuda vacation. Tune in tomorrow for the ones from the Grand Midnight Buffet and the towel animals Lincoln left us. Until then… Don’t forget to send in your pup pics for Weekend Dog Blogging #10!

All Aboard! Nicholas was NOT a big fan of the safety drill.

Starting the Trip Off Right. Nicholas grew to love Strawberry Coladas (virgin, of course) as much as I do!

Lunch Time!

The Shrimp and Lobster Stuffed Ravioli

Day Two… Dinner Time cocktail

Elevator Floor – they change it every day so you can keep track (you know how hard it is to lose track of days on vacation!)

We’re Here!

The Bermuda Rum Cake Factory, a tiny place, but famous for their cakes

The Ship Docked in King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Snorkel Park, a tiny little beach area within walking distance from the ship’s dock

A view of the other side of Bermuda

The Clock Tower Shopping Area, right across from the ship’s dock

The View of King’s Wharf from the Ship

I know, a Fashion Don’t. Tried as he might, The Husband could not talk Nicholas out of wearing his boots poolside.

The Dolphins from Dolphin Quest

The view from the very top of the ship as we leave Bermuda… look how crystal clear the water is.

Getting Ready for Another Feast

Sigh … the last Strawberry Colada of the trip…

Some of the Wait Staff serenading the guests on the last night.

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kima November 19, 2005 at 4:52 am

Welcome home!

You and are so alike in the bookstore addiction! I don’t buy quite as many as you but I think you were in my head yeserday as I splurged and bought three glossy British mags-I love those. Only one was food related (BBC Food) the others were their Good Housekeeping and She magazine.
Anyway nice to have you back on terra firma. See you on the BB.


Barbara (Biscuit Girl) November 19, 2005 at 1:36 pm

What great pictures! Nick looked like he had the time of his life.

I got my hubby hooked on cruises last month when we went to the Pacific Northwest on Celebrity’s Mercury. Looking at your pictures just makes me want to book another cruise right now…. :)


abe/happy November 19, 2005 at 1:42 pm

Nothing worse then having ‘sea legs’ on land, almost like the feeling after you’ve stepped out of an elevator :)

I am seriously saving my pennies and going on that ship!


MeBeth November 19, 2005 at 8:50 pm

Welcome back! I tried out that spinach, artichoke and bacon dip – it was delicious.


Cate November 20, 2005 at 4:31 am

Maureen, you and I are definitely soul sisters in more ways than one! :)

Mebeth — isn’t that dip fantastic? Even better the next day.

Abe – exactly! You know, if you book waaay in advance, the cruises really aren’t that expensive. I’ve seen them as low as $550/person, and you only give them a deposit up front, and pay the balance 30 days before departure…

BiscuitGirl – aside from being homesick, Nicholas DID have a great time. How’d you like Celebrity? We’re actually making plans to do another one in June, and are open to other lines… suggestions?


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