Pre-Vacation Wrap-Up

by Cate on November 13, 2005

Decided not to make dinner tonight, because I didn’t want to create any leftovers in the fridge while we’re away, so we ended up going out to dinner with The Neighbors. Surprisingly enough, as long as we’ve known each other, this was the first time we had all gone out for dinner together. We ended up going to iHop, and given the kids’ new penchant for picnic dining under the table, that proved to be a good choice. The Girlfriend is still going with her “new” last name, and the now “married” lovebirds were sharing food through the entire dinner, even feeding each other. This week is going to be rough for them, since they’re going to be apart for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. There was a good chance that they were going to go with us, but it ended up not coming to pass. A shame, because I can totally picture Nicholas and The Girlfriend on the pink sandy beaches of Bermuda with the sunset behind them. Just means we’re going to be planning another vacation real soon, so we can all go together … enough of this eight-year-stretch in between vacations! Time to get back into the groove of taking a break every now and then.

Fellow food bloggers … if you haven’t heard the news yet, StickyDate has been created as a place to keep track of all food and wine blogging events, big or small, regular or not. So if you have something you’d like posted there, drop me a line.

Don’t forget that Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness is guest hosting Weekend Dog Blogging #9 for me this weekend, so be sure to send her your cutest pup pictures for inclusion in Sunday night’s round-up. I already sent mine in.

I won’t be blogging every day from Bermuda, but promise to post a few times. Until then…

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Sarah Lou November 13, 2005 at 4:00 am

Pink sandy beaches? Wow! Enjoy your trip.


MeBeth November 13, 2005 at 5:17 am

Have a great vacation! Also, StickyDate is awesome, thank you for taking the time to set it up.


Mona November 13, 2005 at 9:54 pm

YOu have probably already left. I’ve been so out of the loop didn’t realize you were Bermuda bound. YOu must be there and so thrilled right about now..I’ve never been but my parents went on their honeymoon, so I have a soft spot for it in my heart :)
Happy and safe travels.


Joe November 13, 2005 at 11:41 pm

Have a safe trip!


Cate November 14, 2005 at 2:39 am

Sarah Lou – thanks. Yup, pink sandy beaches and crystal blue water.

Thanks, Joe!

Mona – although it’s only 2 hours by air, we left Sunday night, and won’t arrive there until Tuesday morning. The boat moves a little slow, and it’s 700+/- miles. You oughta go sometime – it’s a great getaway.

MeBeth – I’m excited about Sticky Date… now go up with a fun event we can post for you! ;)


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