A Party Kind of Weekend

by Cate on January 22, 2006

Just got back from our company holiday party, and boy am I stuffed. The food was very good, and I think one of the standouts for me was a Tortellini, Artichoke and Broccoli Salad with Pesto Dressing. I might have to start experimenting to come up with something similar.

Planned a menu for tomorrow’s Cookie Exchange. Figuring out the “cookie” part was easy, but I wanted to have munchies on hand as well. I’ve probably, true to form, planned too many things to make, but I figure, worst case scenario, I can always cut back tomorrow. And if I make everything, then we’ll just have a munchie kind of night for The Neighbors Dine Over Sunday … we’ll see how it goes. Just placed my order online for the grocery store (love that!), so that’ll save me some time.

OK, if it’s Saturday, it must be time for Sound Bite Saturday, where I highlight what other food bloggers have been talking about lately.

See what A Blithe Palate was talking about when she said “It’s just that Scottish food tastes like it was cooked on a dare!” and find out where she ate “gratin bubbled with cream and Gruyère and the green beans…oh…there are so few things more earth shattering than well sauteed beans.”

Check out Lori’s foray into professional food styling and the fun chicken costume changes. What a cool job that would be!

And lastly for this weekend’s Sound Bite Saturday, see what Shuna is talking about when she says “…this perfectly balanced sweet and salt, flaky and dense, whole wheat and white flour, twisted and knotted creature of pastry goodness. I send every person who visits New York City to the temple where one can honor it. Bow to it, bring virgins and fresh fruit, and tear it apart, showering amber flakes and toasted sesame seeds on sweater fronts and neat laps.”

OK folks … all for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for all the juicy details on the Cookie Exchange wrap-up, and, of course, the Weekend Dog Blogging round-up.

Until then…

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Lori January 22, 2006 at 9:57 am

Sweetnicks, thanks so much for the mention. I’m really honored. :)


Cyndi January 22, 2006 at 7:11 pm

I tried to email you my wdb post yesterday; it bouced back today saying your address doesn’t exist. It worked fine before!


shuna fish lydon January 23, 2006 at 3:47 am

Hey! thank you for the soundbite!! This is very sweet of you. And one day soon I will be able to dog blog again!


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