Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Cate on May 13, 2006

Last night, before going to bed, we excitedly scheduled a wake-up call for 7:30 am this morning, anxious to begin our treasure hunting day in Brimfield. Well, the wake-up call didn’t happen, and neither did the treasure hunting. We woke up to misting rain and decided to get to the fields right away, in case the rain got worse. A lot of the dealers didn’t bother opening, and the rain dragged on all day. Sigh. Good thing the show is on 3 times a year; it’s just a shame to come up here and not be able to do what we came for. No matter, we’ll be back again in September.

To prevent the day from being a total loss, we decided to do some shopping at local stores, stopping first at a Yankee Candle. Just seeing the pink display in the window was enough for me. After popping in a few stores, we took a break for lunch at Uno’s Chicago Grill. We usually stop there when we come for the antique show, because there’s none near us. Selecting very healthy, sustaining foods, we opted for their Old Fashioned Tomato Soup, a Gorgonzola Walnut Salad with Blueberry Pomegranate Dressing (hello ARFs) and a Roasted Vegetable and Goat Cheese Wrap. Everything hit the spot, but our vote for the favorite dish went to the wraps. Nice, tender roasted zucchini and squash with slightly melted goat cheese – divine.

We got our lobster fix for dinner with Lobster Roll sandwiches from Rom’s, our old standby. A relaxing day before heading back home tomorrow, where we’ve been told repeatedly that it’s NICE and SUNNY in New Jersey. I’ll take it … Mom was wet right down to her socks!

Until tomorrow…

A year ago today… we were in Brimfield.

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