The Third Wheel, Redux

by Cate on June 17, 2006

Well, the momentous occasion didn’t occur. The kids had a school function tonight, so we were planning to go out to dinner with The Neighbors. In all the time we’ve known each other, we have never gone out to dinner without the kids, and tonight was going to be the night. Or so we thought.

The Husband is still feeling miserable today, so he stayed home, shivering underneath the comforters while I became a third wheel at an outing to Charlie Browns. Charlie Browns has one of the better salad bars of the chain restaurants that we’ve visited. It is packed with a fantastic assortment of fresh ingredients and every time I go, I have to get their chopped chicken liver. Yeah, I know. It’s an acquired taste, and one I definitely have to be in the mood for.

As we were eating our dinner, I spied something I didn’t recognize on the Specials board. Fru Fru? What’s that? Turns out Dan the Waiter didn’t know either. Customer Service 101 would dictate that wait staff should know what the specials are on the board … how can they sell them if they don’t? Eager waiter that he was, he trotted off to find out. Let’s just say some things are better left undiscovered. Peach Schnapps, Banana liqueur, Lime Juice … and, well, that’s when we stopped listening.

Alright folks, a short one tonight so I can hit the sack earlier than usual, and catch up on my Tivo. It is high time for this week to come to a close. Tune in tomorrow to see the magazine haul for this week – tons of good ones!

Until tomorrow …

A year ago todayall about the magazines.

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