Weekend Dog Blogging #56

by Cate on October 15, 2006

We are finally back home. It is always great to get away for a bit, but there’s nothing like the comforts of home when you come back. My bed, my kitchen, Tivo!, Eli … there’s no better place to be. Unfortunately with our house on the market, it’s been de-homed a bit and definitely feels more like a house these days than our home. Family pictures have come down, stuff has been put away in storage and it’s decidedly less personal, which means less like our home; but, hey, in the interest of selling it fast, I’ll suck it up.

On our last day on the ship, we crammed a TON of activities in. No matter how much time you spend on the boat, there are bound to be things that you don’t get around to doing. I sat through their onboard Napkin Folding class, as well as their Towel Animal class. These might seem like silly things, but when company comes over, just think how these handy little talents will impress them. And I won’t be leaving you out; in the coming weeks, I’ll show you guys how to fold your napkins like a pro so you’ll be the hostess with the mostest at your next soiree.

We also went inline skating, which was the first time for all of us, although The Husband and I definitely rollerskated back in our day. Poor Nicholas spent a lot of time on his butt while he tried to get the hang of it, but he was quite the trooper. We also played miniature golf, which was tough in the strong winds, and then went ice skating. I’ve never ice skated before, and neither has Nicholas. He had a blast, and every time The Husband tried to stop for a break, it was quickly met with “More, Daddy, more!” Needless to say, local ice skating lessons are in order.

Our last dinner on the ship was filled with deliciousness. Shrimp Cocktail and Spinach Dip (too thin) to start and then our favorite steaks with herb butter as a main course. The night before, there was a dessert sampler that had this decadently divine Flourless Chocolate Cake. I asked the head waiter if he could track down the recipe for me, and with promises to e-mail it to me, he scrounged up 5 leftover in the galley. Nicholas and I shared some right before our last night on the water, letting the waves lull us to sleep again. We said our goodbyes to the amazing wait staff, making promises to keep in touch, and they serenaded us at the end of dinner. And hey, while we’re talking about cruises, if any of you are interested in taking to the seas, don’t forget I’m a travel agent in my spare time — happy to help find you a great deal.

Alright folks, all for tonight. I’ll leave you with the Weekend Dog Blogging roundup. Stay tuned all week as I make my way back into the kitchen, discover new cookbooks that Amazon helpfully delivered while we were away, and get into napkin and towel folding. Until then…

Bailey from The Savory Notebook in Pennsylvania is either dressing for warmer weather, or praying Winter goes by fast:

Drop by Up a Creek Without a PatL to find out what pet these adorable paw belongs to:

Mr. Woofy from Kitchen Wench does a little bit o’ begging. Go check out Ellie’s site for the cute tongue shot.

Lucky Buddy Bear from Farmgirl Fare in Missouri safeguards the kohlrabi:

Poor Scrappy from Cucina Bella in Connecticut has to make do with a laundry basket for naptime…

Ginger and wasabi? Looks like Doolin from Dispensing Happiness has quite the iron stomach!

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