ARF/5-A-Day #49

by Cate on December 13, 2006

Growing up, one of my fondest food memories is from when my parents would entertain company. They’d start in the living room with munchies and small bites to eat. When it was time for dinner and they moved into the dining room, my Mom would call me and my sister downstairs so we could feast on the pre-dinner nibbles. It was then that I started my love for Spinach Cheese Squares and now, a good 20+ years later, I still like them just as much.

Even more importantly, it’s one way I can sneak green vegetables into Nicholas’ little belly. I call them Salad Cheese Squares and he is none the wiser. He thinks he doesn’t like spinach, yet he’ll eat it raw from the bag, calling it salad. Silly boy.

Tonight, using cheese I already had on hand, I subbed Swiss for some of the Cheddar, and would definitely make this switch again. It made them smoother, creamier, and oh so much cheesier. And with their packed-with-spinach-goodness, they’re perfect for ARF/5-A-Day today.

Participation dropped off sharply today, and I suspect the upcoming holidays are to blame. I couldn’t believe it when the dentist confirmed my appointment for next week… the 18th. The 18th?! When did that happen? Next week is the week before Christmas already? Yikes. I may be completely done with my Christmas shopping, but I still have tons left to do. My point, and I did have one when I started this paragraph, is that I’m going to put ARF/5-A-Day on hiatus until the first Tuesday in January. Save up all your ARF/5-A-Day worthy recipes and we’ll hit the ground running and start the near year right. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the mini-roundup.

Until tomorrow…

A year ago today … last year’s Menu for Hope. Want to get involved in Menu for Hope this year? The details are here.

Brandi from A Transition to Vegan shares the very unusual Pumpkin in Tomato Coriander Sauce:

Claire from Cooking is Medicine serves up the very hearty Mexican Style Chicken Soup:

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Anonymous December 13, 2006 at 4:10 am

Yum! I just tagged that spinach recipe to my favorites! Sounds great. Maybe I’ll take it to a Christmas party.


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