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by Cate on December 29, 2006

Two years ago, we had a few of those white reindeer that go on your front lawn for Christmas. You know the ones, they’re everywhere. Well, I got bored with them and ended up selling them at a garage sale we had. Fast-forward to this year, and Nicholas has definitely gotten into the Christmas spirit big-time, everything from giving me detailed commentary on who has good decorations and who doesn’t, to tracking Santa’s every move.

Well, we decorate a lot outside, in good taste, I assure you, but Nicholas decided there was one thing we’re missing. I’m sure you can guess … our front lawn needed reindeer. I made a mental note of it and planned to go get some in the after-Christmas sales. And I tried wholeheartedly. I left the house on Tuesday at 10 am and didn’t stop until around 3. I set out to mainly look for the reindeer for him and a few ornaments, and the pink stuff at Pier 1 (you KNOW I was all over that. Hello? Valentine’s Day!). Every single store I went to was sold out of the reindeer, and sales associate after sales associate told me “they were the first thing to go.” What, is there a little group of four-year-old decorators getting a jump on next year already? And here I thought it was just Nicholas.

So, I came home, completely let down that I couldn’t find them for him, and ended up ordering them online. Luckily they were 50% off on Linens ‘n Things website, so it wasn’t too bad. And then yesterday, I walk into Rite-Aid to pick up a few things, and what do I see? The freakin’ reindeer!! Now these weren’t the larger, more popular versions that he had seen. These were more like baby reindeer, but you can bet Britney Spears’ bad taste that I bought all four they had.

So next year, when you’re driving through the neighborhoods admiring everyone’s Christmas decorations, just look for the house with a herd of deer. That’ll be us.

Until tomorrow…

A year ago today… just a mish-mash.

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Ellie December 29, 2006 at 9:53 am

That’s an adorable story :) Nicholas is absolutely adorable, and hopefully he’ll still dig the reindeer next year when you put up the herd!


Anonymous December 29, 2006 at 3:36 pm

That’s great!! I love it! I’m so glad you found them. But, I’m also getting stressed because you know once The Girlfriend see’s Nicholas’s reindeer you KNOW she’ll want them. I better start looking now.

Hey Everyone! Date Night starts again tonight. Stay tuned!!!!

The Neighbors (Wife)


SusanV December 31, 2006 at 5:24 am

Ha! A few weeks ago, as we were driving around and seeing the neighborhood decorations, my daughter brought up again that she would like a reindeer for our yard. Well, I figured she’s only young once, so I promised that the next time I saw one I’d get it for her. Now, bear in mind that I’d never gone looking for one and so had never actually seen one for sale. But that night, I had to go into Rite-Aid for something, and there they were, right by the counter. I bought it, assembled it in secret, and then surprised her with it all lit up on the yard. That Rite-Aid sure does have everything! :-)


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