Happy New Year!

by Cate on January 2, 2007

I hope your first day of 2007 was a wonderful start to the new year. There are lots of big things coming up this year, and it’s sure to be quite the ride; not that 2006 was devoid of excitement, of course.

Today, my sister hosted her first official holiday dinner for the family, taking over New Years’ Day celebrations. Nicholas decided to take a nap about an hour before we had to leave, so we ended up arriving about half an hour late, but just in time for some delicious pre-dinner munchies, always my favorite part of any meal.

Salami, prosciutto, soppresatta, assorted cheeses, crispy crackers and olives, it was perfect. There was also some divine foie gras – the first time I’ve ever had it actually, and although I loved it, the price tag is going to keep it reserved for special occsions. It tastes like a smoother, creamier pate, and was the perfect choice for holiday festivities.

For the main meal, she pulled out all the stops, making her first ever ham, using a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book and a mushroom pasta dish from Rachael Ray’s 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Crowds. And dessert? Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting from the Barefoot Contessa. A perfect ending – how can you go wrong with cupcakes?

I thought I had forgotten to bring my digital camera, but as I went to put on my coat to leave, I found it in my coat pocket. Lovely. I took a bunch of pictures with my cell phone, and as soon as I figure out how to get them here, I’ll post them. I knew how to transfer the photos with my old phone, but haven’t figured it out yet with this one.

Tune in tomorrow to see what goodies Nicholas and I whipped up this morning; two new recipes that are definitely worthy of going into regular rotation, including a cookie that is fast becoming my new favorite.

Until tomorrow…

A year ago today… more New Years’ Day celebrations.

P.S. I added the recipes for a few of the dishes we feasted on last night … Smoked Salmon Dip, Grilled Lobster with Spicy Shallot Butter, Crab Cakes. All are definitely worthy of making.

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Scott at Real Epicurean January 2, 2007 at 7:45 pm

Hope you had a great new year…your “feast” sounds fab!


christine January 3, 2007 at 9:13 am

Wow, wish I could have been there to sample that feast. Happy new year to you and yours! :)


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