by Cate on February 13, 2007

Well, I don’t think it’s silliness, but The Husband sure does, and makes fun of me mercilessly. Every day I pass by the lake, I cast a quick glance to see who’s swimming around. For some reason, the assorted geese, swans and ducks did not fly South for the winter this year. I seriously don’t understand it, and being an animal lover, I totally worry about them, saying “those poor things” every time I drive past. The Husband has said that he is going to go down and talk to them and find out why they decided against flying to the South this year. He knows better to humor me though, because believe me, if there was a way I could bring them all inside to keep them warm until the weather gets better, I sure would.

Although it was a positively balmy 35 degrees today, the past few weeks have been downright frigid, with temps in the consistent single digits. Those poor things — they surely must be freezing in the water. That all being said, I always giggle a little when I see their white feather butts wringling in the air as they dive underneath the water in search of something tasty (see right corner of picture). Totally cracks me up. It’s the little things, what can I say?

Until tomorrow…

A year ago today… speaking of cold weather, nearly two feet of snow and my favorite picture of Eli.

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PatL February 13, 2007 at 4:22 am

Anyone who can stick their head in that cold water probably isn’t going to be bothered by having their down-covered tummy floating in it!

Love that picture of snowy Eli!


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