ARF/5-A-Day #73

by Cate on June 6, 2007

Another ARF/5-A-Day is upon us, and there is no shortage of fruit and vegetable goodness to inspire us this week.

The Chocolate Lady is up first tonight, with another item I’ve never heard of … zongzi. Know what it is? Go visit her website to find out.

Claire from Cooking is Medicine turns to Dorie Greenspan for inspiration and whips up a batch of Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk Muffins:

The Cookbook Junkie serves up a delicious Cinnamon-Apple Cake that looks a lot like our favorite recipe from Cooking Light – yummy stuff, and well worth heating up the kitchen for.

Madeline from Everything Rachael Ray joins us for the first time with her Spinach, Artichoke and Cheese Dip. It just might make my menu this weekend. Yum-O!

A Table for Two is back, this week with a unique-sounding Roasted Cherry Chicken:

A Fridge Full of Food tackles multi-colored cauliflower:

As for me? My ARF/5-A-Day entry is a little different tonight. We ended up eating out, but before heading home, I dragged The Husband and Nicholas on a trip to Whole Foods. I don’t get there too often because the closest one is about 20 minutes away. Why’d I go? I have been concentrating a lot lately on buying more organic and eco-friendly stuff, and while they might be a bit pricier than the average grocery store, they have a better selection and variety. We have a local natural market here, but it’s much, much smaller. I’m also concentrating on switching out a lot of the things we use around the house in favor of more environmentally-friendly products. I’ve already swapped out most of our cleaning and laundry products (Mrs. Meyers lemon verbena line is fab). At Whole Foods, I even managed to find a line of environmentally-friendly toothbrushes (from the folks at Preserve). The display case for the brushes was even made from recyclable materials. Before you get completely grossed out, the handle is made from 100% recycled plastics (including recycled yogurt cups), and the paper inside is from recycled material. With our Whole Foods haul, everyone got something, right down to the dog.

As an aside, but related, I thought it might be a good idea to expand the premise of ARF/5-A-Day a bit. If you blog about something “green” you might have done, a new organic item you found, something eco-friendly, or relating to green living or along those lines, that will be considered a perfect contribution as well.

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Anonymous June 7, 2007 at 3:19 pm

Can’t decide which looks better – the dip or the Cinnamon-Apple Cake. Beth


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