Summer’s Last Hurrah

by Cate on September 1, 2011

I have had a terrible head cold for a little over a week now.

Sore throat came and went.

Today I woke up and felt like my head was going to explode.

Apparently Miss Migraine felt a little left out and wanted to join the party.  How kind of her, no?

Madeline’s camp had its last day yesterday.  Nick’s a few weeks ago.

So today I worked from home.

With the kids.

And said head cold, migraine, and oh yes, nausea filled out the party nicely.

I succumbed and finally called the doctor and off the three of us went.

Only reason I went, instead of waiting it out longer, is that Surprise #2 off our Summer Bucket List is happening this weekend.

And I couldn’t not be well for it.

And Nick has plans tomorrow night, and Madeline and I are hanging with my nieces.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve seen those girls and I miss ’em.

Antibiotics were the only solution.  The over-the-counter/hydrate/soup cocktail just wasn’t cutting it.

The three of us going to the doctor together is no picnic.  I bribe the kids heavily to shush enough for me to get checked out and hear what the Doc has to say.

The nurse taking my blood pressure tells me the kids are adorable.  They are, of course, but I tell her she’s been with them for three minutes.  She answered 17 questions from them.  I know ’cause I counted.

So when the Doc comes in, I’m lying down on the examining table.  Because I honestly felt that terrible.


Sinus infection.

Ears all plugged up.

Airways severely restricted.

Which means basically I can’t breathe.  But at least I have an excuse for not being able to hear.

He said I definitely should have come to see him.  And probably a few days ago.  Darn hurricane.  Aside from my viral and sinus infection, he really wants me to go to the hospital and have my tonsils out.  He threatened me with that a few years ago when I got bout after bout of tonsillitis.  “One more time and that’s it…”  Luckily I didn’t get it again that season.

I negotiated this afternoon.  Heavily.  To keep my tonsils in.  And pleaded for meds to get the ick out of my body.  To get the locomotive out from circling the inside of my head.  To make my head slightly less fog-like.  I left with three prescriptions and a steroid shot.  Ouch.

Then I showed him my ankle.  Still stupid swollen from my sprain back in May.  He gave me some exercises to do, along with proper precautions, because it’s just not healing right.  Doesn’t appear to be broken, but likely a hairline fracture.  “Rest is the only cure.  That and time.”  Ha.  Ha.  It’s sore at the end of every day and I’m so afraid of hurting it more that it’s been keeping me from the gym.  Which makes me feel very sloth-like.

He had a conversation with Nick about the iPad.  Because Nick has decided he needs one for Christmas.  I’m trying to steer him towards the Netbook.  The Doc said the iPad is much better.  So we will be sending my fine Doctor our Christmas shopping bill.  Luckily he said ok.

After he left, Nick asked if the Doctor was married.  He is.

“What would Mystic say that you were trying to fix me up with the Doctor?”

He thought for a minute.

“I like Mystic better.  Never mind.”

Which is a good thing indeed, because I kinda like him better too.

I will leave you with two photos so I can go sleep off the rest of this sludge before a big weekend.

The photos are sub-par (and courtesy of Nick), but they are taken with love of things made with love.

Nick made me dinner tonight.

Dinner by Nick

I love that he included several food groups.  Cheese.  Fruit.  Sandwich.  Dessert.

And Madeline made me dinner too.

Dinner by Madeline

Hers was a stew.  And slightly less edible.

Boys and girls, have an amaze-balls weekend.  I know we will.  We’re off on a final summer road trip.  Seven of us.  Four of the five kids have no idea where we’re going.  The fifth wouldn’t know either except I someone may have slipped.  Darn it.  The location is surprise enough on its own for the whole crew, but the second surprise is that my kids have no idea they’re going to see Jamie all weekend.  Can’t wait for the big reveal.

See ya Sunday night!

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Sarah Caron September 1, 2011 at 9:59 pm

Oh, that’s going to be so nice for them to see Jamie! You need to update us on her come Sunday, lady. Or Monday since it’s a holiday weekend.


MariaV September 2, 2011 at 7:16 am

Feel better, Cate. I hope you, Nick, and Madeline enjoy your weekend.


Ramona September 2, 2011 at 10:36 am

Sorry you feel so bad. Get well soon.

You have sweet kids.

Happy holiday.


christy September 2, 2011 at 3:27 pm

Your son is sooo sweet making you that dinner!! I love it. I hope that when i have kids one day that they are as super as yours. Have a great weekend and i cant wait to find out where you are going and how much fun you will have! O and I cant wait to see the food pictures i know you’ll post.


Joanne September 4, 2011 at 6:52 am

Tonsilitis does NOT sound fun! Neither does going to the doctor. YUCK. I’m glad to hear it seems that you’re feeling better!

Have an awesome final summer fling this weekend! And def take pictures of the kids’ reactions when they see Jamie!


Christa aka BabbyMama September 7, 2011 at 3:28 pm

That stew looks a lot like the soups and things my daughter makes me.

Hope to hear you’re feeling better!


kellypea September 7, 2011 at 10:08 pm

iPad all the way. Just sayin.’ Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I haven’t had to deal with a summer yuckiness in quite a while, but remember them well. Hope you successfully slept off your “sludge.”


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