Awkward and Awesome #1

by Cate on October 15, 2011

I’ve seen the Awkward and Awesome weekly theme floating around other blogs for awhile now, and always meant to join in, but you know how that goes.  It won’t be a weekly feature here ’cause I’m way too behind on other content as it is, but it will be occasional easy way to share some new things with you.

Smart Bagels
Discovered these SmartBagels last week and they were gone in two days between me and the kids. Low calorie, and without all the extra fluff inside that bagels usually have. Which means the kids had them for breakfast and managed to finish them, and when I had a carb craving, I could make a sandwich and not feel too guilty about it. So far, I’ve only see this particular brand at ShopRite, although a few other companies (Thomas’, for example) make similar versions.

Red Mango with Boba
On most last visit to Red Mango, I noticed these little pearl toppings in the case next to the fresh fruit. They’re called boba, and are tapioca in nature. They burst once you bite into them, kind of like Fruit Gushers, ‘cept much more healthy. Anyone know if they can be bought on their own, and where?

Flu Shot
A very brave little girl during Flu Shot 2011.

And a very happy little girl who celebrated Fire Safety Week at school.

Fire Truck Cookie
By making fire truck cookies. Didn’t she do an awesome job?

SnackWell's Granola Bars
New granola bar discovery. Soft, slightly sweet, and totally don’t taste like cardboard.

Rachael Ray Pan
I have a couple of Rachael Ray‘s pans, and I won’t be buying any more. Mostly because they do this:

Rachael Ray Pan Fail
Kind of not really down with the whole coating-peeling-off-in-less-than-a-year thing.

Mystic and I went to the movies a few weeks ago, in a theater where you buy your tickets ahead of time, and get to choose your pre-assigned seats. When we arrived, there was a couple sitting in our seats. And it turns out the couple next to them were also in the wrong seats. The attendant looks at us and says, “So where do you want to sit?” Um, gee, maybe in the pre-assigned seats we purchased?

Went to the movies with a friend last night, and when I arrived, again, someone was sitting in one of our seats. “Well, I guess my fun for the night is over,” she said as she moved somewhere else. Uh, yeah, think so. Not awkward for me, but for her? Just a touch.

Your turn to share, my fellow weekenders … your Awkward and Awesome moments recently?

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Claire October 15, 2011 at 11:55 pm

So proud of Madeline getting her flu shot…and making a GREAT fire truck! I hate it when people are in my seat, very awkward! Awesome: talking with a friend today for 3 hours (albeit through text and over facebook instant messanger but still an adult conversation!). Awkward: trying to teach high school students science reasoning for the ACT (which their parents are paying for) and having several fall asleep and/or talk to each other while looking at me TRYING to teach them. Great fun!


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