Review: Organic Melt

by Cate on December 9, 2011

I have a teetering stack of things to review on my desk.  And even more things in my kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.  I don’t like to flood this site with reviews, so it means I get behind really, really quickly.  Of course, it is what I consider a First Class Problem, companies generous enough to send me things to review.  But I hate being behind, so when I see an opportunity to use a product in our general day-to-day routine, I’ve got to seize it.  And so it was with this Melt product.

When we had our recent Bloggers Apres Thanksgiving Very Vegetarian Feast a few weeks back, Joanne mixed up a coffee cake recipe (this tried-and-true one, to be exact) to satisfy a cravings of Nick’s, and we smoothly swapped out the butter it called for, and replaced it with Melt.  That brings me to the first “pro” of using this ingredient … no calculations or fancy substitution math needed.  Need a cup of butter?  Use a cup of Melt instead.  I love super simple replacements like that.  ‘Cause once it becomes too complicated, I’ve quickly lost interest.

Another “pro?”  It’s soy-free, 95% organic, trans fat-free, and gluten-free.  It contains nothing artifical.  At all.  Period.

And the biggest “pro?”  The taste.  No one was the wiser.  Which, when you’re using all natural ingredients in lieu of butter, well, that’s pretty important.  You don’t want to miss that buttery taste.  With Melt, you don’t, but you also get the bonus of having it be relatively guilt-free too.  Win, win.

The price?  Surprisingly not terrible.  You know how healthy stuff can sometimes cost twice as much as putting junk in your body?  Happily this isn’t the case.  You can get a pair of 13 oz. containers for $7.98.  Now the bad news… it’s not readily available quite yet (it’s still slightly new to market).  The closest store that sells it (for me) is Minnesota.  A little bit of a problem.  (Although it’s available online with very cheap shipping).  You can do a zip code search right here to see if you can locate the product near you.  If you’re lucky enough to be close to a retailer that stocks it, try it out.  Anything packed with good fats and oils (and a healthy butter substitute) is worth it.  For now, I’ll be waiting.

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Joanne December 12, 2011 at 9:41 am

I also really wish Melt were sold closer so I could have it all the time!

So glad I could help you cross one of your review products off your list!


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