Weekend Photos in Review

by Cate on January 9, 2012

This weekend was a whirlwind. Amazing sunsets every night, soccer (more on that tomorrow), Zumba (first time back times two!), movie night with a friend Friday night, family movie night with Mystic and three out of five kids (Soul Surfer, great movie), a wedding, lunch with a friend. As soon as I hit publish, I’m off to seriously crash.

Not Blogworthy
Very ho-hum non-blogworthy recipe. Except for the picture, natch.

Amazeballs Sunset
I was talking with a friend Friday afternoon as the sun was setting, and I made her go outside and check out the gorgeous sunset. Ah-maze-ing.

Crazy January Weather
Sixty three degrees in January in New Jersey is crazy. But I happen to like this kind of crazy.

Clean Eating at Chipotle

Penny for Your Thoughts

Saturday Sun
Luckily Nick was in the car with me on Saturday afternoon when Mother Nature was putting on another gorgeous light show. ‘Cause, you know, taking pictures while driving is not cool.

Saturday Sunset

Girl Time
My sister and brother-in-law gave Madeline a small make-up kit for Christmas, and she spent Saturday night getting her nails done, and making her eyelids three shades of sparkly.

Family Time
And continued with lipgloss.

Movie Night

Hot Chocolate

Even Maxwell joined us for movie night.

Animal Confab
This trio has come a long way since Maxwell joined the brood. Now at night, Luke sleeps as close to Maxwell as he can without being on top of him.

Sunday Sunset
Another amazing sunset on Sunday night as Mystic and I headed to a friend’s wedding. I started wishing we lived in the flatlands so the darn trees wouldn’t always be in the way of my shots. Then Mystic said something about having to contend with tornadoes. Darn practicality wins again.

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Joanne January 9, 2012 at 7:24 am

Whoa you really did have a whirlwind of a weekend! Sounds like a whole lot of awesome, though, which is what I like to hear.

Yay for Zumba! I’m so happy you’re back! how does your ankle feel?


Patsy January 9, 2012 at 9:23 am

Glad you were finally able to get back to Zumba since I know how much you love it! What a weekend, indeed!! Looks like the whirlwind suited everyone, even if it was tiring.


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