Post-It Wall Art: A Quick and Easy Way to Brighten Up Your Space

by Cate on February 29, 2012

New Wall art
So last night, I sat in the dentist’s chair for an hour and a half.  Can I tell you how much I hate dentist visits?  And I’ve had like four in the past so many months.  I get panic attacks.  My palms get sweaty and I seriously feel like tossing my biscuits.  And it doesn’t help that after my 90 minutes, the dentist basically threw up his hands and said he couldn’t get to the tip of the tooth’s root that he was trying to get to.  And I had to start all over.  With another visit.  With a specialist.  For twice the amount of money.

Color me not happy.

But while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, trying to drown out the sounds of drilling and scraping, I was working on finding my happy place.  For awhile, I closed my eyes and just replayed my first date with Mystic.  Then I started counting the swirls in the ceiling tiles above my head.  And then I concentrated on the bright light that was shining in my eyes.  In the center of the light, it had a silver metal circle.  It was a little scraped up and when the dentist was done, I showed the nurse what I noticed.  The scrapes had formed a small heart.  She smiled big, and told me about a patient that was in earlier, whose spit and drool had formed a heart on her bib.  See?  It’s not just me that notices these things.

As we were walking to our car, I texted Mystic a picture of the heart scrape, and asked what he saw.  He immediately spotted the heart.  And a second one a little below it that wasn’t as obvious.

Inspired by some Post-It art I’ve seen, and the pink Post-Its I got on Valentine’s Day from my mom, I made this little heart above my office desk at home.  Ignore the mess on my desk.  I want the heart to be a little fatter and less narrow, but for now, it brightens up the spot.  A few Post-Its and 15 minutes of my time?  Sold.  Featuring a heart?  Even better.  And have you ever googled Post-It wall art?  Amazing creations.

Side view

February 29, 2012 – Bonus Photos
Tuesday sunset
A sunset from last night on the way home from the dentist that was too gorgeous to pass up.

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Joanne March 1, 2012 at 7:20 am

I’ve been procrastinating going to the dentist for three years…I just hate it so much. Ugh.

I think you’ve started to train me to spot hearts also! I definitely spy more of them now than before I met you :)


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