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by Cate on June 11, 2012

Dino - entrance

A few weeks ago, we had a unexpectedly free afternoon. After a few quick text messages with a friend, a plan was quickly formed to visit Field Station: Dinosaurs. I had only just recently heard about it, and it sounded like the perfect way to kill a few hours with the kids, doing something unique and still relatively low-key and local. Located near the outlets in Secaucus and the Meadowlands, the exhibit occupies 20 acres of land.  It was very easy to find, and the parking lot is right near the entrance, making it ideal for those trekking with little kids {$10 parking}.

Dino - parking

Dino - cashier
After you park, you make your way over to this trailer to pay the admission and get your tickets. You can buy your tickets online, but you can’t buy them for the same day. Tickets have to be bought by 10 am the day prior (and will get you a slight discount). Otherwise you can buy same-day tickets right at the exhibit. Currently no AAA discounts. Credit and debit cards are accepted, and season passes are available (worthwhile if you plan on going three or more times).

Dino - check in
When you start your journey, you get a field map and a little passport-style document that they stamp for you. Unless you plan on going often, I don’t see the point of the passport book. It would have been more fun if you collected different stamps as you went to different areas of the exhibit (kind of like Epcot does in the different countries). But with the one stamp we collected, it seemed rather lonely, and a waste of paper products.

Dino - camp
There were a few of these camping vignettes set up throughout the area. A perfect ad for Coleman!

Dino - second camp

There are 31 life-size dinosaurs set up along a 3/4 mile trail, and they are all animatronic, moving their heads, arms, and even tails, and emitting all sorts of noises.

Dino - looming

Dino - info booth
These little areas are set up in front of each dinosaur, giving you the name of the dinosaur and little extra details about it.

Dino - partners

Dino - three bucks a pop
There are a few carts set up throughout, and you can buy water, juice, and soda. As it’s three dollars a bottle, it’s much more prudent to bring your own cooler with drinks and snacks (and it’s allowed). There are two picnic areas where you can sit.

Dino - tiny twosome

Dino - too cute

Dino - ready
There is one dinosaur with a long tail that moves back and forth over the walkway. If you hoist your kids up, they have fun trying to catch the tail. With Madeline at 40 lbs, hoisting her up in 97 degree weather was no picnic.

Dino - up close and personal

Dino - first aid

Dino - break time
Between the squinting in the face of the blinding sun and the inattention, this was as good as we were getting for a group shot.

There is a small “gift shop” that you walk through when you exit, with a variety of dinosaur-themed items for purchase. I steered the kids towards the smaller items and they chose tattoos and erasers. I got off easy and made out for under $3.

Dino - rustic

Dino - trinkets

Dino - eraser

Field Station: Dinosaurs is currently only open on Saturdays and Sundays, but after June 21st, it’s open seven days a week, from 10-6.

If you go on a rainy day, you’ll get a free rain poncho upon admission.

Make sure you load up on sunblock and cold water if you go when it’s warm as there isn’t a lot of shade.

Strollers can be used along the trails, but be warned that there are some hilly and gravel-lined areas that might make pushing a bit of a challenge (though not impossible).

There are porta johns on site (and seriously the nicest ones we’ve ever seen!).

I think it’s definitely worth it for a one-time, check-off-your-list type of visit.  Something completely different and fun for the kids.

1 Dinosaur Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094

(855) 999-9010

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Joanne June 12, 2012 at 6:48 am

Whoa! Very cool outing. This would have been ideal when my sister was going through her Land Before Time phase!


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