Madeline: What I Learned in Preschool {Year Two}

by Cate on July 3, 2012

M - Last Day of School
Almost two weeks ago, Madeline had her “moving up” ceremony at her preschool.  Technically it’s not a graduation, because she still has one more year of preschool (although she will be going to a new school in the Fall).

For the past few months, Madeline and her classmates have been practicing songs for their end-of-year ceremony.  She would only sing one song for us at home before the big day, a song that highlights how to say hello in a variety of different languages (and I love her rendition of it; I will have to surreptitiously tape her singing it).  There were lots of other songs that the kids sang at the ceremony, but she deemed the rest “top secret surprises.”

The theme of the celebration was “around the world.”  When the kids entered the auditorium, they were all carrying flags from different countries, representing a little piece of who they are.  When Madeline walked in carrying the French flag (representing her grandmother’s background), I am almost certain my mom teared up a little.  With Madeline’s dimpled grin, I was right there with her. It was pretty cool to see all the different countries that were represented amongst her classmates.

M - french flag

And then the songs.  Oh those songs.  I spied one of our friends videotaping the morning’s events, and I’m hoping to bribe them for a copy (hello?  hello?), because, man, were those singing kids amazing.  Why?  Because not one song was in English.  They sang in Turkish.  In Chinese.  In Spanish.  Every single word.  You sometimes forget what little sponges kids and their minds are at this age.  Years ago, when The Ex and I were newly married, I went and took a semester’s worth of Spanish classes at a local school, hoping to be able to speak more with his Dad, who spoke very little English.  It was incredibly difficult to pick up, but at Madeline’s age?  Perfection!

M - inspection

There are five kids in her class that actually graduate, replete with caps and gowns, as they are going on to Kindergarten in the Fall.  Madeline received a “moving up” certificate.  She suddenly looked so grown-up.  Every time I ask her if she is still my baby, I get a quick hug and a passionate “yes!”  I’m not nearly ready for her to be so grown up yet!

M - sweet rewards

M - double trouble

My creation
The picture on the left is from Madeline’s first week of school. Mostly because she wouldn’t let me take her official “first day of school” picture. The picture on the right was her last day of school.

And, of course, her quick end-of-the-year interview:

What was your favorite part of school this year?
Playing and painting.  They let us paint there.

What was your least favorite part of school?
When the boys in my class were being bad and getting in trouble, we had to read books quietly.  I didn’t like that part.

What will you miss about school over the summer?
My friends and my teacher, Miss Michelle.  And all the other teachers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
An animal doctor (like Dr. Brown who helped Eli and his paw) and a mommy.

What are some things you learned this year?
All the different flags for the different countries.  We didn’t know what they were, and we learned that.  I learned how to write my name.

What excites you about the next school year?
That my friend, Sabrina, is going to be there too, and that I’ll make other new friends.

A look back:
Last year’s What I Learned in Preschool

Bonus Photo
M - proud big brother
Nick spent the morning before Madeline’s graduation at my office, making her a little sign for her big day.

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Joanne July 4, 2012 at 6:24 am

That sounds like just about the cutest graduation ceremony ever! My mom’s a preschool teacher so I’m going to have to tell her about it for some ideas for her own kids.

Maddie’s answers are adorable. Does it surprise me at all that she doesn’t like quietly reading? No. :P
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Ramona July 5, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Smart kids. That was sweet of her brother.


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