Fall Soccer Season 2012 … And It’s a Wrap

by Cate on October 26, 2012

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If you’ve been a regular reader of Sweetnicks, you know how much the kids adore soccer (Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2.). They both love it, and I love it for them.  But as their Fall season winds down (two more games!), I, for one, am ready to resume a slightly less than crazy schedule. This season, Nick had a weeknight practice, a weeknight game, and a Saturday game. Madeline had one weeknight practice and a weekend game. As much as we like to be active, we relish (and need!) our down time too. More than ever. And we’re ready to reclaim some of our evenings.

Five soccer outings a week, amongst the normal every day of school, scouts, homework, dinner, sleep, life!, you know the drill. I do my best to keep us on track and organized without losing my mind. The key to my sanity (at least in terms of soccer)? Soccer bags. It seems kind of silly that something so simple could make such a big difference, but I did it with Spring soccer, and revisited it again with Fall soccer. Each of the kids have their own soccer bags, and in it we stash everything they need. Their uniforms. Cleats. Shin guards. Granola bars. Gatorade. Ponytail holders. Hand sanitizer. Kleenex.

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All of which are absolute necessities. Between the Kleenex and hand sanitizer alone, I swear we should buy stock in those companies. After soccer, I wash the uniforms and everything goes back in the bag (and restocked), so we can grab and go the next time we have a practice or game.

Um, except water bottles. Because while I am the mom that always has a hair tie or granola bars, I am *not* the mom who consistently remembers water bottles. It’s like I have a complete mental block about them, but I did way better this Fall than I did in the Spring. And luckily, The Ex brings them nearly every time. And I started keeping mini water bottles in the car.

So there’s that.

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But the key to it all is for everything to have a home. Soccer needs go in the soccer bag. Library books and library cards go in the library bag.

Now, of course, the bigger key is getting the kids to co-operate.

But the kids? They’re a work in progress.

Just like their Mom.

Kleenex - 3

And with that, I’m done for the night. We have a full calendar this weekend, and we’re bracing ourselves for the unfortunately scary storm that is supposed to head our way over the next few days. Yikes on that. And if you’re in the path too, we’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring this post. They are big on supporting family athletes, and we love them for that. Because I do so love my little athletes, and everything they get out of the sport of soccer. Camaraderie. Teamwork. Wins and losses. Triumphs and set backs. And those little lungs filling with fresh air. And those Kleenex tissues? Perfect for wiping grubby orange-juice stained hands after halftime, and tears after a kick to the shins. And wiping those little sleepy bits out of their eyes when we’re stumbling onto the field for an early morning game.


PS And the pictures in tonight’s post? Some of my favorites from Madeline’s Spring soccer season.

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Joanne October 27, 2012 at 6:20 am

This post reminds me of the days when I had softball practice and my brother had baseball…both of our teams played on two leagues so there were double the games…it was crazy!

Good luck getting through Sandy! Fingers crossed she calms down before she gets here.
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Patrizia October 28, 2012 at 11:07 pm

my goodness..the girls looked like babies there..Great pictures, great post!


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