Craft Time: Cereal Necklaces

by Cate on April 25, 2013

In over eight years of blogging, I have never professed to sharing things in a timely manner. Exhibit A: we made this craft with the kids for St. Patrick’s Day. Considering I have restaurant reviews I still need to do from last year, something from last month doesn’t seem quite so tardy now, does it?

While this is perfect for you to bookmark for NEXT St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sharing it now because I think it’s a flexible enough project that you can adapt it for many other holidays or events.


Make yours in blue and pink, skip the coin, and use for a gender reveal baby shower.

Make a red and blue colored one for Fourth of July (look, now I’m early!).

Make them for a kids’ field day or Olympic Day.

A fun treat to make for birthday parties.

Valentine’s Day.

Or honestly, just because.

So I’m not really late.

I’m timely.

It’s all in your perspective.

This past St. Patrick’s Day was one of those delicious days that I didn’t plan ahead, but came together in a little magical, happy way.

A friend came over with her kids because she wanted me to help her make a cake. (Cake post coming soon!) Since that meant five kids in the house + one of Nick’s friends = 6, I figured a craft would be in order. I had bookmarked this necklace idea, and it bought us about 45 minutes of quiet while they all went to work.

Ages 5 to 11 were all kept busy; I love a craft that spans the age groups like that. We just helped with the hot glue gun part. Or mostly my friend did because although I use the hot glue gun a lot, I’m always happy to pass it over (hot glue hurts!).




Using regular string that you can get at your local hardware store, measure the lengths of each necklace. Tie a knot on one end of the string, and put a small piece of washi tape on the other end. This makes it easier to thread the cereal on a taped end. Because this was for St. Patrick’s Day, the kids sorted the cereal (Froot Loops for the win!) into rainbow color order (my favorite!) and then got busy threading it onto their necklace. Once it’s full (be sure to leave enough space so you can tie a knot), tie it up. Then, for the “pot of gold,” we hot glued the foil wrapper of a gold chocolate coin, attached it to a piece of gold pipecleaner, and twisted it onto the middle of the necklace.


Very cute. Very simple. And inexpensive to boot.

The kids had fun making them … and eating them.


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Patrizia April 25, 2013 at 11:57 pm

Also good for an end of the school year rainbow party? just sayin’……


Joanne April 26, 2013 at 6:35 am

One of The.Boy’s friends is getting married this summer and he told us to dress as if for a luau. These necklaces would be appropriate, no? :P
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