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by Cate on April 10, 2013

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I can’t put my finger on why I noticed it all the sudden. But I started getting little glimpses into the young man and young woman that my children are becoming while we were away.

And man, did it make my heart swell.

Especially Nick.

Which is good because I am completely not ready for Madeline to be any older than 5. Because this week, she has negotiated to walk to my office from school, and is now putting on make-up because Nick has a friend over.


While we were away, I watched as Nick struck up conversation after conversation with complete strangers. People on the shuttle bus as we went to an excursion. Our adult dinner companions. Strangers in the elevator. Time and time again. Asking them how they were. Where they were from. What they did with their day. I watched as he politely debated with customer service on an arcade issue. How he ordered my drink for me in the theater as he saved seats for Madeline and I. How he helped me find a missing room key. How he stopped us from taking the wrong bus.

Weeks before we left, a friend of his asked who we were going on vacation with, and he said just us. To which the response was “aw, too bad.” Which couldn’t have been further from the truth. The kids were awesome traveling partners, and I couldn’t have asked for better. I purposely asked for dinner seating at a large table so we could meet people while we were on vacation, and we talked to everyone. We even ran into another family from our neighborhood.

The kids are at such a fun age, straddling the balance between becoming more and more responsible and still being little. They are fun, inquisitive, and have more energy than I ever will. Travel partners? The best ever.


Tomorrow? A new salsa recipe!
Friday? A book review.

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Joanne April 11, 2013 at 6:24 am

They are most certainly growing up too fast! But I do love the man that nick is becoming.
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Christy April 12, 2013 at 10:51 am

Oh nice! You were on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and I bet this was taken at Coco Cay, one of my favorite spots! I hope you do a review of your vacation. It sounds like you had a blast.


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