Recipe: Make Your Own Marinated Olives and Feta

by Cate on August 5, 2013


For some reason, pickles were on my brain.

I think it was from the festival that we went to on Saturday night, where I spied large giant, garlicky pickles on a stick.

And the full sour ones from the Sunday farmer’s market that we love so much.

And somehow from pickles, my mind jumped to marinated olives and feta.

And that reminded me that I had forgotten all about telling you about these marinated olives and feta.

Talk about stream of consciousness thinking.

I know.

But these olives? Are a must make.

Nick and I love us some marinated olives. Madeline is not yet on that bandwagon with us.

But that’s ok. She’ll join us someday.

In the meantime, more for US.

Most grocery stores have olive bars, featuring a variety of marinated olives. Stuffed this and that. Red pepper flakes. Garlic. Pitted or not. You name it, there’s twenty to choose from.

But what about making your own?

And the word “recipe” is purely for people googling to find this post.

Because no recipe is really needed.

But I will tell you what I did.

Mason jar.
Olive oil.
Lots of fresh herbs (I did tarragon, oregano, and thyme).
Crushed red pepper flakes.
Garlic. Lots of it. And even more than that perhaps.
Pitted kalamata olives.
Pitted green olives.
Strips of roasted red peppers.
Chunks of feta. DON’T buy the crumbled feta. Buy it in a block instead. It’s so much better. Dodoni is my favorite brand.

Put it all in the jar, give it a gentle shake or two to evenly distribute everything.


So good. Full-on flavor. And completely flexible enough to individualize. Put in YOUR favorite things. You can’t screw this up.

Perfect little snack to tide you over as you’re making dinner.

Or a late night, I-just-want-a-bite-of-something-at-midnight.

Great for entertaining.

Or because you darn well feel like it.


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Joanne August 6, 2013 at 6:24 am

I’m a big olive fan, but the.boy isn’t. Guess I’ll be eating this whole jar myself!
Joanne recently posted..Black Bean and Salsa Quesadillas


Meg August 13, 2013 at 2:32 pm

Those look mouth-watering and delicious! I’m an olive fanatic, though my fiance can’t stand them. More for me, as you say!
Meg recently posted..State of the wedding, vol. 2


Daisy August 29, 2015 at 12:29 am

This looks divine! Speaking of being on the olive bandwagon, it’s strange how olives are a love-it or hate-it food. People feel very strongly about the little fruit. :-\


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