Getting Serious about Pet Protection {Pet Armor}

by Cate on September 28, 2013

If you haven’t guessed by now, dogs are a constant in our lives. And lately, particularly over the last year, our lives have pretty much revolved around them.

Fostering them.

Rescuing them.

Transporting them.

Fundraising for them.

Meeting and greeting prospective families for adoption.

Making homemade dog food.

Going on long hikes with them.

All good stuff.


But unfortunately, with all this dog interaction, fleas are sometimes a necessary evil.

They have infiltrated our house exactly twice since we have been dog owners (about fifteen years now).

Once with our first dog, a lab mix, when our house was located a little more in country wooded areas.

And once a few years ago with a Golden Retriever.

And it is seriously the worst thing ever.

Flea bombing the house.

Washing and rewashing every single thing.

Stuffed animals, sheets, blankets, clothes, all of it.


So it should come as no surprise that are we very diligent about flea protection.

You know, to not have to go through that ever again.

pet armor logo

So when the folks at Pet Armor contacted us to spread their good word, we were all in.

For realz.

There are a number of products on the market to protect your pets against fleas and ticks, but Pet Armor has been our go-to for quite awhile now.

For three important reasons. 1) It is effective against both fleas AND ticks, including the kind of ticks that carry Lyme disease, 2) it is recommended by our vet, against their competitors, and 3) it is affordable (some of them are crazy overpriced; as much as I want to keep fleas out, I’d also like to be budget-conscience as well).

pet armor for dogsThe hikes and long walks and lap snuggles and loyalty and full-on face kisses are all the best bits of having a dog or three in your life. Stuff like Pet Armor just ensures we enjoy it even more.

This is a sponsored post through my partnership with Mom It Forward. All opinions are completely my own.

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