Santa Visit {2014}

by Cate on December 24, 2014


I parked the car in front of Santa’s house, took my seat belt off, and started to get out.

“Wait, I’m not ready! We can’t go visit him now!”

I hadn’t told the kids that we would be visiting Santa and, although Madeline had given ME her list, she didn’t have one prepared to give to Santa.

And no amount of coaxing would work.

She just wasn’t ready.

And so, back in the car. Seat belt back on, and away we went.

Last week, we tried again. Although she didn’t write it down, she had thought about what she wanted to tell Santa, and was prepared.

Just like last year, we got lucky and we were the only family visiting Santa at that time. No lines, and we could take all the time we wanted.

Nick went first, and then Madeline. Santa asked both of them what they wanted and was surprised by the brevity of their lists. Nick has only four items on it, and Madeline has three.

These kids.

Pure awesomeness.

He asked them how they were doing in school, if they helped out at home, if they ate their vegetables, and if they were nice to me.

Good reports all around, candy canes in hand, and the obligatory photo opp.

I love this Santa and we visit him every year. He is kind, has a soft voice, and a quiet demeanor. Everything you imagined Santa to be. And more.

With the exception of one year, we always visit the same Santa, which is one of my favorite holiday traditions. Looking at all the previous pictures (every one is with the same Santa except one), it’s a fun barometer to see how much the kids have grown over the years. OMG on how tall Nick is getting!

The look back makes me equal parts happy and sad.

I just want to freeze time.

And since I can’t, I will do the next best thing.

Enjoy every second of it.
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