Favorite Cookies for the Holidays

by Cate on December 16, 2016

That moment when you realize it’s Friday and you haven’t blogged all week.

Yep. #realife

I am running all over the place over the past few months, and the hours just seem to slip away from me.

But I offer you cookies.

Because whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or making it through the week, there can never be enough cookies.

I’ve made three different batches so far this week, and have several planned for this weekend. I can’t decide if we’ll be putting together cookie trays or baskets for friends and neighbors, or just winging it. I’m leaning towards the latter, but we’ll see how the weekend goes.

And since my mindset is currently “all the cookies, all the time,” I thought I’d share a few of our favorites.

These Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies are super simple to make, and there is no denying that mint flavor. Delish.

Similar to a cookie I loved as a kid, these No Bake Cookies are kid-approved by BOTH of my kids (which is a tough feat), and one of our favorites. Quick to make, and they hit our cookie jar probably at least twice a month.

Nick's New Favorite Cookie

Cinnamon-Nut Spice Cookies are MY favorite cookie, and neither of my kids like them. So, more for me, of course.

We went through countless recipes to find the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie recipe, per our own criteria, and this is the one. The secret is the pudding mix.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - close-up-001

Loaded M&M Cookie Bars are a good way to put those bags of Christmas M&Ms to good use … or, um, Halloween leftovers. Chocolate doesn’t go bad, does it?

Although I have blogged the recipe before, this weekend I’m making a batch of Seven Layer Bars. Mostly because my kids have never had them before and my teenager loves to lick the dregs of the leftover sweetened condensed milk when I’m done. So, win/win.

And lastly, Mexican Wedding Cookies are another house favorite. They take literally ten minutes to whip up and are so buttery soft good, everyone loves them (pro tip: instead of hand rolling each cookie, use a mini ice cream scroop).

Would love to hear what cookies are hitting YOUR kitchen this holiday season … always looking for new tried-and-trues to add to our list.

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