Recipe: Cookie Crumble Pudding Parfaits

by Cate on December 29, 2016

A super simple, completely customizable pudding parfait recipe that is kid-friendly and adult approved. Which is pretty much my favorite kind of recipe, like ever.

Cookie Crumble Pudding Parfait

So this week, I did a kids craft and food workshop at several libraries. I had the craft portion all figured out … easy peasy since we’re heading quickly towards the New Year’s Eve holiday celebration. We made noisemakers and personal confetti packets.

Because I am apparently ALL ABOUT sending the mess and noise home with the kids at end of the workshop.


But I also needed a dessert recipe component as well, and hemmed and hawed about what to make with the kids. One thing I’ve found since I started teaching these workshops in June is that individual recipes are the best, because every kid wants to be doing something AT ALL TIMES, so individual recipes means they can do just that.

I ended up going with these Cookie Crumble Pudding Parfaits. Deliciously simple and completely customizable, so once you have the guideline down pat, go crazy and make it your own.

Which means you can keep it super easy for the kiddos, or make it all complicated and fancy to appeal to grown-ups as well.

Because … rules? Who needs ’em?

The basic premise is mixing pudding with Cool Whip because that makes it lighter and fluffier and … well … better. And then layer whatever you want in between. For my workshops this week, we went with vanilla pudding, and crumbled nilla wafers as the layers, along with mini marshmallows (those crazy kids!), and a smattering of diamond crystal sugar on top.

Because things that sparkle are always better.

For a more grown-up palate … chocolate pudding with crushed biscotti and salted caramel layers with homemade whipped cream on top would be pretty amazeballs. And fresh fruit would make an equally awesome layer as well!

Just have fun with it … and enjoy!

Cookie Crumble Pudding Parfaits
Recipe courtesy of Cate O’Malley

One box of vanilla instant pudding
Two cups of milk
One tub of Cool Whip
Half a box of Nilla Wafers, crushed

In a medium bowl, mix the instant pudding with the milk until well combined and it starts to thicken. Let it sit for five minutes, and then fold in the Cool Whip topping until it’s mixed well. In clear glasses, layer the pudding with the crushed cookies, making sure to leave some for topping. Serve right away or refrigerate until devouring.

Yield: Approximately six servings

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