Visit: The Raptor Trust {Long Hill Township, New Jersey}

by Cate on December 5, 2016

A quaint and quiet animal sanctuary tucked into Long Hill Township, let’s pay a visit to Raptor Trust.


For as long as I can remember, at least the last twenty years, I have been recommending the Raptor Trust to anyone that needs a place to take an injured bird. Particularly wild birds.

A request that comes up more frequently than you’d think.

Having grown up in the vicinity, the Raptor Trust was a place I knew about and trusted, and they do amazing things to help injured birds heal, and give them a quiet place to live safely.

And despite the fact that you can also visit and see the birds that live there … I have never taken my kids there!

A wrong that definitely needed to be righted.

And so when I promised Madeline and her friends a fun outing recently, I went through my list of “fun things to do with the kids,” looked up the Raptor Trust’s hours, and away we went.

Nestled in the rural area of Long Hill Township, the sanctuary is very easy to find and parking is plentiful. It is free admission, though donations to continue their important work is very much appreciated, and they are solely funded by these donations.

As the girls ran from cage to cage, they were so excited to see all the different birds living there.




The most majestic birds ever. I could have sat there and watched them for hours. Just so amazing to see so up close.

But so sobering to know they were there because they had been found injured. Many of them had been shot. One was missing a wing. It’s awful that they were hurt like that, but thank goodness a place like Raptor Trust exists. It’s just sad that it HAS to exist.





When they opened up their wings and flew … amazing. Such a huge wing span – over six feet!

And eagles aren’t all they have … hawks, falcons, crows, and many varieties of owls (the girls couldn’t believe the way their heads would spin around in a full cicle!) … so much to see and appreciate.


If you’re in the area, or looking for a fun and educational afternoon, do pay them a visit. You can wander about the property at your own pace, and it’s truly a special place to see.

The Raptor Trust
1390 White Bridge Road, Millington, NJ 07946
Telephone (908) 647-2353

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