Visit: The Habit Burger Grill

by Cate on January 30, 2017

I’m always up for a burger … and a visit to the newest location of The Habit Burger Grill.


Although I love animals and would do almost anything to protect them, I could never become a vegetarian. Because I just love burgers too much (and I’m convinced that sometimes red meat is exactly what my body needs).

So when a new burger place opened up near us and we were invited to check them out, I was on it like white on rice. And now that we’ve visited them several times and had a chance to check out many of their menu items, it’s time to share.


What I love most about Habit Burger is their menu. It is simple, not overwhelming, and totally customizable. Which means you can order something delicious and perfect for YOU. And everyone is definitely climbing on THIS bandwagon as Habit Burger was voted on the top of the charts for the most delicious burger around from a survey that the folks at Consumer Reports did.

On two of our visits, we have ordered the fan favorite Golden Chicken Sandwich. The breaded chicken is topped with an original spicy sauce and lettuce and tomato. I didn’t find it *too* spicy, but my teen did, so for kids, it might have a little too much of a kick. This sandwich was actually brought back to the regular menu because so many customers loved it. I don’t blame them — the breading gives it a nice crunch when you bite into the chicken, and the buttermilk marinade makes it super juicy.


On our most recent visit, I ordered a new burger, the Roasted Garlic Portabella Char, and it is definitely my new favorite. I typically love anything with mushrooms, and the garlic aioli and melted cheese just put it over the top. I actually asked the manager what else was on the burger because it was so juicy and different, but this one is really about simple ingredients done right.


For kids’ meals, they have burgers, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets. My eight-year-old is a creature of habit and always gets grilled cheese (and they will even cut the crust off by request, and when I remember to ask). The kids’ meal side options include fries, apple slices, or applesauce. I love that there are two healthy options, but I don’t love, even though it’s cute, that it also comes with candy.

We ordered a sundae on our last visit, and it was so big that Nick and I couldn’t finish it. #firstworldproblems


Despite the fact that this particular close-to-us (Parsippany) Habit Burger only opened up last summer (other Jersey locations include Teterboro, River Edge, Lawrenceville, Fair Lawn, and Eatontown), the first location actually opened in 1969! If you’re in California, there are a TON of locations and likely one near you. There are many other Habit Burgers in other states as well, and you can check out the complete list here and find a spot to visit.


The prices are quite reasonable, and the burgers are actually a couple dollars cheaper than some of their counterparts. Something that is totally appreciated when dining out with your family, and even better that it’s for made-to-order food, as opposed to items that have been sitting on the assembly line, waiting for the next customer. My delicious Roasted Garlic Portabella Char Burger was under five bucks!

Oh! And I always get onion rings whenever they’re on the menu. Get them here and ask for ranch or their special house spicy sauce on the side for a mouthwatering dipping sauce. Because, YOLO.

*this was NOT a sponsored post, although our meal was on the house.

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Sandi G January 31, 2017 at 10:49 am

I will have to see if we have Habit Burgers in our area. I don’t recall seeing them, but the pictures are making me hungry.


Cynthia | What A Girl Eats January 31, 2017 at 7:54 pm

We have a Habit Burger her in Pasadena. I have never eaten there. I’ll have to make a visit very soon! Those onion rings look amazing!
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