Minted: Get Valentine’s Day Ready

by Cate on February 6, 2017

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your kid’s classmates? They are seriously just a few clicks away…


If you’ve been a reader for a little while, you may have caught on that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I am also the girl who cried favorite because every holiday is pretty much my favorite, but Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly in the Top Three.

Over the years, for classroom valentines, we have vacillated between store-bought cards and homemade, old school cards. And I honestly love both. Sometimes our decision comes down to time (or lack thereof) and inspiration (like if we see something in the store and love it, or have a creative idea that we just run with).

So that kind of means we go where the wind takes us.

And isn’t that how it goes with love anyway?

So, appropos.

But then something new happened … I discovered that Minted makes Valentine’s Day cards.

I knew that they offered beautiful artwork because I’m obsessed with their heart photo collage and it’s on my Wish List, but I didn’t know about the perfectly tiny, completely appropriate classmate Valentine’s Day cards they have. They kind of have a ridiculous amount of selections to choose from … so much so that when I gave Maddie the options, she came back with more than a few she wanted. I don’t blame her!

She ended up deciding to go with the Pugs & Kisses cards and I can’t say I’m surprised. Once you choose which card you want, you can go on to make it even more personal … different colors for some of the cards … clean edges versus scalloped edges … add on stickers to seal the envelopes. So many possibilities for so much adorableness in one tiny package.

Our order arrived crazyquick, and you totally have time to get yours in time of the big day. It came in the cutest little cloth pouch with a thank you note from the artist who designed the card. We plan to package them with little pink heart stickers that we had on had from crafting, and attach a pencil or lollipop to it.

Given the three of us have been sick for the past few days, which, like, never happens, the discovery of the treasure trove that is Minted’s Valentine’s Day gallery was perfect timing.

While you’re checking out their web site, don’t miss their other gift and art ideas as well. The custom date memento makes an awesome framed gift for that special someone, and these foil maps are perfect for anyone with a little hometown pride … or homesickness. The Jersey one is also on my list of must-haves. The online Minted shop is kind of like the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, you can get lost for hours in the best possible way.

Hungry for more Valentine’s Day inspiration? This round-up post I did last year has tons of awesome ideas.

*This was NOT a sponsored post, although the folks at Minted did comp our Valentine’s Day card purchase. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that keep my little blog (and family!) chugging along.

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