Conversations with My Kid

by Cate on June 23, 2008

A quiet voice came from the backseat, “Mama, what did God make first, action figures or toys?” Nicholas asked.

“Neither, honey,” I answered. “God made people and people make action figures and toys.”

“Oh,” he said, and you could practically hear the wheels turning.

‘Twas an incredibly busy weekend with Nicholas having three, THREE, birthday parties this weekend. Including his own. Amazingly enough, no overlaps on times or duplications of location.  Summer birthdays are tough. His birthday actually isn’t until August, but with school ending last week, and not having all the addresses for the kids in his class, we normally give out invitations now, but have the party in August. This year, though, I opted to have his party in June instead. Waiting until August, he ends up with a lot of his friends away on vacation, and at this age, I’m sure you can imagine that’s no fun.

When he first told The Husband that we were having his party in June, it started with, “Daddy, my birthday party is in June this year. Mommy moved my birthday.” Oh the power! Unfortunately as I undid that confusion, it only got worse. During the year, when the kids at school have their birthday, they get to bring in treats, pass out papers, be line leader, pass treats out to the kids and other teachers in the school, visit the principal’s office to get birthday wishes, get a present from the teacher … your basic “King for a Day” treatment. Because a lot of the kids have summer birthdays, the teacher makes sure that no one is left out, and spent the last two weeks of school giving each of those kids their individual “celebration day” too.  A note came home last month, “We will be celebrating Nicholas’ birthday on June 10th.”

You can imagine how we are unintentionally messing with his mind … first the school celebration on June 10th, then his party with his friends this weekend. Talk about dragging out a birthday! Only kid I know who can do it for two months … luckily we’re done until the real deal in August … not like he’s complaining though.

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TD June 24, 2008 at 11:19 am

In England and Australia, they celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in June, even though she was born in April. Maybe Nicholas is destined to rule England! :)


Maria June 24, 2008 at 12:27 pm

Good for Nicholas. I don’t even celebrate one day and that is rather sad.


Pamela June 25, 2008 at 7:15 am

Good for him! I have a July birthday and always felt left out during the school year. Hope he had a great party.


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