Craft Time: Rainbow Embroidery Hoops

by Cate on July 26, 2013


As you may have noticed, I’m punting the slated book review for tonight, and sharing a craft instead. Too tired, and we have a busy day tomorrow with a big event with the rescue group we volunteer with. So, a quick craft, and then I’m off for the weekend.

I saw this easy craft on Make and Takes awhile back, and finally had some free time to make it with the kids.

A craft under three dollars that you can customize with your own colors? Yes, please.

And it couldn’t be more simple.

Buy embroidery floss in the colors you want to use. And an embroidery hoop. Wind it around. Done.


I used a full thing of floss for each color, but you could certainly use less. I used my thumb to measure the starting point for each color going around, so they were reasonably evenly spaced out (I noticed one moved after I took the picture, but that’s easily adjusted).

I had planned to hang this in a small alcove outside our downstairs bathroom, but Madeline claimed it for her own. Because her room has more pinks and greens in it, since she wants it, I think I’m going to make a pink ombre one for her room instead.

Mix and match the colors however you want. And when you get bored with it, take the embroidery floss off and revisit the lost art of making friendship bracelets (something we also did tonight).

And with that, happy weekend! Make it an awesome one!

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