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by Cate on October 1, 2014

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Why does it seem like July was so far away?

And that we are hurtling at warp speed towards the Winter?

Ugh. And #notready.

So let’s linger in those warm summer months just a wee bit longer.

Our July was full of awesome, and produced a few of my favorite pictures (two of which are being enlarged at Costco as I type).

Water was a recurring theme in July. Actually all summer, really. Kayaking. Paddleboarding. Swimming and swimming and then swimming some more.

The things childhood should be made of.

And food. Lots of delicious food in July. Fresh-squeezed lemonade, countless drippy ice cream cones, an amazing hamburger, homemade cookies, Caramel Bacon S’Mores (pretty much as delicious as it sounds), Scottish Shortbread, yogurt and fruit parfaits, super simple chicken dinners, drippy eggs, and old school rainbow ice. To name but a few.

And fun. July was full of it. Roller skating and photo booths, sleep, rainbow chalk art, and flower gardening.

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Want to learn a few tips and tricks and about other good photo apps? Check outthis post here.

*I’m cateomalley on Instagram if you’d like to follow along during the month.

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