Visit: Krispy Kreme {Jersey City, New Jersey}

by Cate on April 29, 2017

The flashing “hot donuts” sign beckons you. The taste keeps you. We finally have Krispy Kreme in New Jersey.


If I mention I’m excited about a Krispy Kreme donut location opening up, some parts of the country might roll their eyes.

But Krispy Kreme hasn’t really migrated into New Jersey until recently. They finally opened a flagship location in Jersey City a few months ago, and I was dying to go.

The first time we had Krispy Kreme donuts was on our trip to Tennessee a few years ago. We ordered a few donuts and my kids were not excited. Not at all.


Flash forward a few years, and a few more attempts, and they’ve come around.

So when I announced an afternoon sojourn to check out the new Krispy Kreme donut shop, they weren’t exactly upset.

The location is easy to find, but parking is another story. There are a few spaces in front, and after three trips around the block on a Saturday afternoon, we got lucky enough that one opened up. I didn’t notice any parking lots or significant street parking in that area, so be forewarned.

When we walked in, the line wasn’t too bad, ten people deep. It snaked in front of large glass windows where you could see inside what appeared to be a factory setting. On a perfect day, I imagine there is staff behind the glass, making donuts in front of the happy waiting (and drooling) customers. On this Saturday afternoon, there was just one employee puttering around, but we were nonetheless mesmerized by the sheet of glaze that was pouring down over the (donut-less) belt. If you look at the below picture, the white you see in the exact center is the glaze pouring down. I wish there was more action going on, but alas, it was not meant to be.


There is a good selection of donuts available, and the, um, calorie count was displayed with each one. Sometimes it’s better not to know. YOLO and all that. My kids chose the original glazed, and I went with the jelly. So light, flaky, and soft, the donuts did not disappoint.


The cashiers were friendly and helpful, completely understanding our need to check out the donuts before making our choice. If you’re in line, you can’t really see the donut selection until you’re right at the register, so there isn’t really a good way to check out the varieties until it’s your turn (and unless you’re a regular who knows the menu already).


Four dollars later and we had the goods.


There is table and counter seating in the restaurant. Not a lot, but enough that we could have sat and enjoyed our donuts then if we wanted to, but we opted to get them to go and enjoy on the road, because we were with friends, and we were taking them to visit the Harsimus Cemetary next.


If you’re in the area, or up for a fun and tasty afternoon outing, check out the newest installment in the Krispy Kreme franchise. Now if only we had a drive-thru…

Krispy Kreme
95 Christopher Columbus Drive
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Oh! Be sure to download their app before visiting because it will net you a free donut!

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