February 2015 in Instagram

by Cate on June 30, 2015

Every time I think I’m thisclose to catching up with my monthly Instagram in Review posts, I fall behind, and here we are, looking back at February. The good news to being behind is that I can appreciate February’s snow and cold much better … in June.

February 2015 in Instagram

February is always a good month, and this one was no exception. Filled with delicious food (Whole30 to boot!), two birthdays, and Valentine’s Day, and then capped off by the most gorgeous sunset that ever was.

In February…

Madeline turned 7.

… we enjoyed this delicious Whole30-approved chili, this Asparagus and Artichoke Crustless Quiche, this Egg and Kale Quiche, this super cheesy Mac and Cheese, and this Bleu Cheese Dressing.

… we went old school with Valentine’s Day treats for Madeline’s classmates, and bought way too many heart shaped balloons. As if.

… we made cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts. and bought all the heart shaped donuts we could (of which I ate exactly none; insert crying emoji here).

… we hit the gym, the slopes, and build snow tunnels.

… ate all the fruit, pet all the dogs, and celebrated 7 with a woodland animal themed party.

February was good.

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*I’m cateomalley on Instagram if you’d like to follow along our adventures, big and small, during the month. If you want even more deliciousness in your feed, check out some of my favorite IGers right here.

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